5 Best apps like Mobdro to Stream Live TV in the World for free

Apps like Mobdro Android

Do you love watching shows like the Sunday Night Football, Super Bowl, American Idol, etc.? Using these apps like Mobdro, now you will be able to stream all the live broadcasts from NBC, Fox, CBS, etc. on your smartphone or PC.

Mobdro used to be a perfect option to stream Live TV for free without even creating an account.

Due to any reason if you are not able to use the Mobdro app in your region, then you can use any of these Mobdro alternative apps.

Consider using a VPN to protect your identity over the internet. You can also use a VPN if your service provider is not allowing you to access any of these streaming services.

  • Your internet service provider (ISP) can keep track of the data which you are surfing and can manipulate it.
  • ISPs can block the URL of these streaming sites.
  • ISPs can share or sell this information with a third-party organization.


I have not included a few of the apps like CkayTV, TVTap, etc. We have checked them on VirusTotal, and they show signs on Malware.

VirusTotal report for TVtap

Some people claim that VirusTotal sometime shows false positive errors. I still don’t recommend using these apps, which are not passed by it.

At the time of publishing this article, all the apps were checked using VirusTotal. I will strongly recommend checking each file downloaded from external sources for viruses from VirusTotal.

Best Apps like Mobdro – Stream Live TV for Free


It is not an app but a godsend method to stream Live TV on any platform.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

In simple terms, you can use the internet to browse TV channels are on your device. TV stations broadcast these channels, and you have to tune into these channels using URLs or links.

To browse your favorite channel, you have to find the URL of that channel on which it is broadcasting.

You can purchase the IPTV subscription from any of the major providers in your area. But there are also many free IPTV providers.

You can either Google the term “free IPTV” to find the channels or can visit the link below.

I have found this website (mentioned below), which offers more than 17,000 channels from all around the world.

Steps to stream the channel.

  1. Copy the link using the copy button present below the channel.
    Copy IPTV Link
  2. Paste the link on any media player which can stream over the network. You can use VLC(for PC), IPTV player or MX player (Android & iOS).
    Stream IPTV using VLC - Open media
  3. Click on the Play/Stream button, and you can stream the channel for free.
    Stream IPTV using VLC - Play media

You can read in detail about IPTV on Wikipedia.

Free IPTV Links IPTV Player Android IPTV Player iOS

2. Live NetTV

Livenettv apps like Mobdro AndroidThere is no doubt the best Mobdro alternative for Android. You can stream more than 800 live channels on this app for free.

Not just Live TV channels from the USA but foreign channels from UK, India, Arabs, etc. are also available. You don’t have to create an account to stream the live shows.

The interface is self-explanatory and provides a smooth and quick video playback experience.

Stream from different categories like sports, movies, comedy, news, etc. The streaming servers are quite fast when compared to other apps on the list.

You can also stream movies for free using the Video on Demand (VOD) feature.

An external player plays the videos on your device. You can download any player of your choice from the App Store or Play Store.

The app shows ads of 30 seconds. You can not skip or close the ads before 30 seconds.

LiveNetTV for Android


UKTVNOW is not the best but is one of the few Mobdro like apps. It offers free live streaming of TV from countries like the US and the UK.

It offers more than 150 channels from more than ten countries. Most of them are not useful as we all know but still offers famous channels to watch TV online.

It is also a good option if you want to watch Live TV from your local region. You can access channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, etc.

UKTVNow is available for PC, Android along with the Kodi and Amazon’s Fire OS.

Download for Android

4. Kodi

Kodi - Mobdro alternativeXBMC, now known as Kodi, is an open-source home theatre. It is one of the most potent apps to stream movies, TV shows, and a lot more.

Kodi allows you to replace your Fire Stick interface entirely and acts as an independent application. It is the best apps like Mobdro for firestick.

With the gigantic list of the plugins, you can make your house a complete home theatre.

It is an entirely legal app if appropriately used.

The add-ons will provide you to stream movies, TV shows, or any other media you could imagine.

Download Kodi


Crackle stream live TVStreaming Live TV is not the primary function of this app. We have still added it to apps like the Mobdro list because of its few features.

Sony Pictures owns this app and offers free streaming content. You can mostly see Sony released content and a limited number of shows.

It is the only legal service that offers free streaming TV series and movies. You don’t need any subscription for that.

You get the services in exchange for watching ads. Also, without any information, these shows or movies can be removed. The show you watched yesterday might not be available today or tomorrow.

You can also watch a few of the anime series like Supermansion on the app. Service is only available for US users, so you might have to use a VPN if you are from a foreign country.

Android iOS


IPTV is probably the best way to watch Live TV online. It is not just related to a specific platform or technology.

As long as you have a media player installed on your smart device, IPTV will work for you.

You should also be aware of the threats when you are downloading the apps apart from the trusted platform. I would suggest checking files using Virustotal to avoid known dangers.

Privacy is critical too. Don’t forget to use a VPN provider to keep yourself safe and anonymous online.