25 Best ROM sites to Download Safe ROMs in 2021

Best Safe ROMs sites

Best ROM Sites: I can’t imagine my childhood without video games. I have grown up playing games on my Dreamcast for hours. Now, I play my favorite games on my PC using the Emulators and can try a lot of new games.

I have created this list of best and safe websites for all the retro game lovers.

Also, I have added an alternate method to download ROMs from Emuparadise. Emuparadise is no longer officially allowing you to download ROMs because of the Nintendo lawsuit.

You can check ROMs on the No-Intro website. This website keeps the dump files (DAT file) of original ROMs.

No-Intro is the best option to verify the ROMs. You can compare your ROMs CRC and MD5 code with the codes provided by No-Intro’s Dump, to check the safety of ROM.

I would recommend you to avoid using any site that pops up when you search on Google. Especially those who show popups of installing an extension or asking you to allow access to install flash player.

Best ROM Sites – Download Safe ROMs

1. Vimm’s Lair

Vimms Lair - Best Safe ROM Site

It is one of the safest ROM sites to download ROMs.

The site contains the CRC, MD5, and Hash Code of the ROMs you are downloading, and you can verify these ROMs on No-Intro.org.

It has no ads, no annoying popups, and direct download links for you.

This service does come with few drawbacks like limited download connection, no multiple downloads, little bit low speed.

I think this can’t be much of an issue as compared to the quality and safety this website is offering.

Visit Vimm’s Lair

2. The Eye

The Eye - Best SNES ROM Site

This website is one of the best SNES ROM sites. The Eye is an open directory website where you have to visit the directories for your desired info.

You will get here direct download links without any ads and is one of the best ROM sites.

The Eye includes ROMs from more than 60 consoles. You can download games in bulk for older systems too. Check out the FAQ if the website for details.

It has a large community of 20,000 members and growing. You can clear your queries by creating an account.

Visit The Eye

3. My Abandonware

My Abandonware - Safe ROM site

Only a few of the safe websites are there which have maintained ROMs in a very organized manner.

This website includes famous games from 1978 to 2010. If you are the 80s or 90s kid, then you will find your favorite game over here.

You can find ROMs based on name, genre, theme, publisher, etc. You can even search for games based on the years they were released. I think that is pretty dope.

You can play games online, rate, and download them. This site is a gem. Go check it out.

Visit MyAbandonware

4. Emuparadise (Working Method)

emuparadise - Retro Gaming Site

EMUParadise is one of the oldest and most popular gaming websites for retro game lovers. But it is no longer allowing you to download ROMs directly.

But, there is a workaround method for Chrome users (Firefox method is not working). Thanks to this post on Reddit.

You can download ROMs using an extension and installing a script. Follow below steps to download ROMs from the site.

  • Download the Tampermonkey extension.
  • Click on this link to install script.
  • Click on the Install button (In my case its Reinstall).
    emuparadise install script
  • Refresh the page on Emuparadise and check direct download links. You will see another option “Download using workaround option”. Click on that link and enjoy safe ROMs.
    emuparadise alternate download

Being an older website, it has its perks. You can download from a vast collection of games, join the communities around your favorite game, and a lot more.

Visit EMUParadise

5. Retrostic


Retrostic in one of the best and safest ROM sites and offers ROMs for more than 50 consoles.

It has direct download links to games without any annoying popup ads and account creation.

If you can’t find any specific ROM, you can visit their request page, and they will try to deliver your ROM asap.

Visit Retrostic

6. Archive.org


It is one of the best sites to download safe ROMs. Archive.org is a website that is a library of free books, songs, movies, etc., and in our case library of ROMs.

You can use the search option to find your ROM. Try to search along with the console name for better results.

I will link to a list of a few of the best and safe ROMs available on the website. It allows bulk downloading too.

Visit Archive.org ROMs Link 1 ROMs Link 2

7. EdgeEmulation


With a gigantic list of more than 65000 ROMs in the catalog, this is also an excellent option for downloading safe ROMs.

One of the best things about this site is that it offers CRC codes, which can you can verify for security on the No-Intro website.

Few of the games include

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Superman
  • Mario Cart Arcade

It shows no ads and all ROM links are direct download links.

Visit EdgeEmulation

8. Romsdownload


Romsdownload offers the best ROMS for all the consoles along with the direct download links.

Major ROMs from the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea are available and can be filtered using different genres.

You can download emulators from the ROM download page. On the final download page, you have to wait for at least ten seconds to start the download.

Visit Romsdownload

9. Gamulator


With a collection of more than 10,000 ROMs, Gamulator is also one of the best ROM sites to download games.

You can search the ROMs or can browse by category or tags. Few of the ROMs are also available to play online in the browser.

It offers ROMs for all famous consoles like Gameboy, PSP, N64, Dreamcast, etc. You can download emulators too from the same site.

Visit Gamulator

10. ROMNation


ROMNation is also running for many years now and has recently redesigned its website. The website is now mobile-friendly.

Downloading ROMs is self-explanatory and easy. Registered users will get ad-free service and can also share their ROM catalog with friends.

Few of the games offered were

  • Legend of Zelda
  • Capcom vs Marvel
  • Indiana Jones etc.

Visit ROMNation

11. Romsmania

Romsmania - Best ROM Site

This website also offers similar features as provided by other sites on this list. It has a vast amount of games to download and direct links too.

What makes it unique is its “Play online” feature and how convenient it is to use. The games are limited, but they are all collected at a single place, which is excellent.

The website has a lot of ads, and they are annoying. You might want to use an Adblocker.

Visit Romsmania

12. CoolROM


In the first impression, CoolROM might look a little bit confusing and different from other sites. Navigate through the header menu, which much more convenient than the home page.

You can search for your desired ROM using the header menu’s search feature. It offers games for more than 25 consoles.

Some users say it contains a virus. But we didn’t find any in the ones we have tested. I will still recommend you to be cautious while downloading.

Visit CoolROM

13. Rom Hustler

RomHustler is also an excellent website to download safe ROMs. The website interface is self-explanatory and mobile-friendly too.

User ratings are available for each ROM by the actual users. So, you can choose better accordingly. You can use a search bar to find your favorite game.

The website serves ads, and you have to wait sometime before you can download the ROM.

Visit Rom Hustler

14. Romsmode

This website is a lookalike of Romsmaniac. You can download games for all popular consoles directly.

You can either search or can navigate through the consoles links to download ROMs. Download speed is also good, and you can download multiple files in one go.

Visit Romsmode

15. CDRomance

CDRomance also offers direct download links to the famous ROMs. The best way to navigate is by using the header menu options.

It has a simple interface for downloading the ROMs.

Screenshots and user reviews are also available, which decides the top-ranking ROMs.

Visit CDRomance

16. Wowroms

Wowroms have some ROMs available for old systems like Acron, Apple I, DOS, etc., which is difficult to find anywhere else.

No one plays these games anymore, but they are here in case you want to try them.

You can navigate through the side menu or can download from their “Top Download” or “Top-Rated” lists. Apart from this, the website is also available in more than five different languages.

Visit Wowroms

17. Roms World

This website offers similar features of direct download links of SNES ROMs and emulators. You can read their blog to know more about the top-ranking games and emulators.

Games offered by the website include

  • Final Fantasy
  • Doom
  • Legend of Zelda etc.

Consoles platforms offered are limited in number. The website provides unique and famous ROMs.

Visit Roms World

18. RoyalRoms

What I like about this website is its interface. It has a wide variety of games to download. You can also check their blog for the latest updates about the ROMs.

You can download ROMs using the header menu or can use the search option. No waiting time for downloads or account creation.

Visit RoyalRoms

19. The NES Files – NES ROM site

This website is for NES fans and mainly offers all the stuff related to the NES console.

You can download more than 300 NES ROMs, NES Games, NES manuals in PDF format, etc. Few of the famous games offered by this website include

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Castlevania etc.

Visit NES Files

20. Emananium

Emananium is a little different site for ROMs and emulators. Some of the emulators include GameCube, Aracade, GameBoy, etc. The interface is not so good as a user perspective.

Still, ROMs offered are pretty good, and that’s why I have included it in this list of ROMs websites.

Visit Emananium

21. FreeROMs

FreeRoms is also one of the best and safe ROM sites to download ROMs. You can download from more than 3000 ROM files.

The website offers ads, and you have to wait ten seconds on the download page to start your download.

The website offers all the popular consoles and games. Few of the Dreamcast games include

  • Sonic
  • Marvel vs Capcom
  • Crazy Taxi 2

The website offers a rating system using which you can use to rate the ROMs.

Visit FreeROMs

22. ROMulation

ROMulation has a lovely interface as compared to other sites on the list. Direct download links are available for ROMs but with a lot of restrictions.

You have to create an account to download ROMs of size more than 1GB. ROMs for a few of the major consoles are restricted, or you can’t download them.

We will not recommend this website. Visit this site only if none of the other sites is working out for you.

Visit ROMulation

23. EmulatorGames

EmulatorGames has interface somewhat like Romsmania. You can rate and review your downloaded ROMs based on which website shows the list of best games.

The website serves ads, and you might have to wait a few seconds to start your download.

Visit EmulatorGames

24. Emulator Zone

Emulator zone is also one of the oldest safe ROM sites which allow you to direct download games.

This website offers ROMs that are freely available to download and are not copyright protected.

You will not find any paid games for free here, and you might get banned from their forum if you ask for one. You can download games from the Steam store at a meager price.

Visit Emulator Zone

25. Classic Game ROMs

Simple and straightforward.

It offers ROMs for consoles like Nintendo, Playstation, Game Boy, and more. Just select your console and download the ROM from the right panel.

Just like other directory listing websites, it shows you a list of games after you select your desired console. It is also one of the safest ROM sites to download games.

Visit Classic Games

How to check if ROM is safe or not?

I have tried to explain the steps, in my video, using which you can find changes in your ROM. If there are no changes, then they are safe to use.

If the CRC and MD5 of the ROM match with the codes of the original dumps, then they are safe. These codes won’t match for hacked, translated or similarly altered ROMs.

Catalogue of these dumps is present on the No-Intro website, as mentioned earlier.

This video will help you in comparing the data and using the same steps you can check any ROM from any website.

I have compared info using the Vimm’s Lair website. You can generate MD5 (if not given on ROM site) using any free tool available on the internet and compare the results.


We have very few options when it comes to the best and safe ROM sites. Ever since Nintendo has filed a lawsuit site like Emuparadise it is difficult to download safe ROMs.

I have tried to explain the method using which you can verify any ROM and be safe from viruses.

I have tested these sites, at least one ROM, on No-Intro. But I can’t say anything about future changes.

If you found any issues or looking for a particular ROM, let me know through the comment section below. I will try my best to give you a link.