What is CQATest App & 5 ways to resolve CQA Test App Issues

cqatest app for Android

CQATest: Certified Quality Auditor Test

Does the CQATest app has suddenly appeared on your device? Is your phone not responding correctly, and some of your settings are changed?

Don’t worry; you have not installed a virus on your smartphone, and you are safe. In this article, I am going to answer all of your questions related to the CQATest app for Android.¬†

It is a system diagnosis app that is present in almost all smartphones. It is provided by the device manufacturers debugging and testing purposes.

What is CQATest App?

CQATest is a testing app that is present in Motorola smartphones. Not just testing, it shows you some debug info to diagnose the device.

What does CQATest do? It shows you an interface using which you can test your device on the Advance level. It also shows you some next-level information of your device like IMEI number, HTTP client Test, Data Sent (in bytes), Signal Strength, etc.

Android CQATest will also display you a menu to test Display, Camera, Sensors, Temperature, Audio, etc. If you want to check the audio, then it will play audio through all the external sources like Loud Speakers, Ear Speakers, etc.

Other smartphone companies also provide this information. It is just Motorola, which contains this info under the name of the app CQATest.

Why has it suddenly appeared on your phone?

Do you know the reason why it has appeared? Let me know through the Comment section below.

The reason CQATest has appeared on an Android device is still not fixed. Many users reposted that it just appeared randomly.

Ideally, the CQATest app is not supposed to show on Android devices. It is a diagnosis app which is designed not to be used by users.

Although most commons reasons could be

  • Upgrading your Android OS
  • Reset your Android
  • Trying to access hidden menus (or something similar)

There could be chances that it is on your phone but not visible in the menu.

You can check that by going to Setting > Apps > All Apps. Now search the app, and it might show up on the list.

Why is it asking for permission?

As mentioned earlier, CQATest is a diagnosis app for your smartphone. So, it requires all the permissions to function correctly.

It may crash unexpectedly or show false results if you deny permissions.

If you have accidentally given permission and didn’t want to, you can always deny the permissions from app settings.

How to use the CQATest app on Android?

If you are not able to access the CQATest app, then you can also open the app using your dialer.

Type *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#2486#*#* to access the app directly. As soon as you press the last *, the app will open up automatically.

You will see a menu that looks something like the image shown below.

CQA test app for android

It might differ depending upon the Android version you are using. But you can see the following menu options.

  • Sequence Mode
  • CQA Menu Mode
  • MMI test
  • Model Assembly Mode

CQA Menu includes all the testing features mentioned in the first section. You can test your device, and in the end, it will show you a report of your device.

This report includes detailed information about the sensors or hardware issues if found not working.

CQATest is not responding after opening?

Only developers are allowed to access this app, not the end-users like you and me. So, this app is disabled by the manufacturer of the smartphone.

Only Xiaomi can access such testing functionality in their smartphones. All other companies, including Motorolla, has disabled this feature.

So, there could be a case that this app has denied or no permissions at all initially. You can go to Settings > All apps and enable the app permissions.

If this doesn’t work, follow the next sections to resolve the issues.

Issues caused by the CQA Test app?

Ideally, the CQA Test app should not cause any issues.

It was present in your device even before you have noticed it on your app menu. But in some cases, users have experienced performance downgrade after it appeared on the list.

Issues experienced by users include-

  • It changes in personal settings or device preferences.
  • Messaging service not working
  • Notifications get muted
  • Notification drawer doesn’t open completely
  • Some apps are not working.
  • Factory Reset is not working.

Is it safe to disable or remove CQATest App?

You can disable the Android CQA Test app if it is causing issues, as mentioned in the previous section.

In any case, I won’t recommend uninstalling this app. It may cause your device to go under a boot loop.

Often, Rooted users try to uninstall any unknown app, but I won’t recommend doing it for this app. You can disable it or revoke permissions and check the impact on your device performance.

How to resolve issues?

CQATest is a simple app that ideally should not cause any issues.

But, many users have reported issues from not able to open notification drawers to random phone unlocks.

So, if you are also facing such an issue just after the CQATest app appeared on your smartphone, then you can follow these steps to resolve those issues.

1. Clear Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data will bring the app in its original state. It is like you have just installed the application on your device.

Got to Setting > All apps > Search CQATest > Click on the app > Clear Cache and Data.

If this doesn’t work, follow the next step.

2. Allow/Deny permission to Android CQATest app

I will suggest first allowing or denying the permissions and recheck your phone. Most of the time, the app has not provided proper access. As it is a running process, this could be the reason it is affecting your device performance.

3. Disable or Force Kill the app

Temporarily disabling or force killing the app may resolve the issue. You will come to know that if it is the app that is causing the problem or its something else.

If the issue is because of the CQATest app, then this should bring back your Android in a stable state.

4. Remove and Reinsert the SIM card

Sounds weird?

So did to us. But for some of the users, this method worked.

Instead of moving on to the next step of formatting your device, you can give it a try. Even if there are 1% chances, don’t you want to do it? You decide.

5. Reset your Android

Before moving on to details, I want you to back up your data. Not just internal storage but apps data too if you are a root user.

This process will delete all your data and settings of your phone.

5.1. Factory Reset your device

This method doesn’t delete internal storage data.

A factory reset is just restoring your device to the point you have purchased it, or it just came out of the factory.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

If you are not able to access your device, you can use Google remote app to format your smartphone using some other phone.

5.2. Hard Reset your device

This method deletes internal storage data.

Hard reset resets your device’s hardware and software both. It is an advanced technique to reset your phone. You have to do this from the bootloader menu.

Follow these steps to hard reset your Motorola phone.

  • Power off your device
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button until your phone boots.
  • Select Recovery (Scroll using volume button and select using the power button)
  • Choose to wipe data/factory reset and press the power button.
    CQATest - hard reset menu motorola
  • Select Yes – Delete all user data
  • Select Reboot System Now.

As soon as your device boots up, the issues must be resolved.

6. Visit your Motorola service center

I hope you don’t have to read this.

But if you are, you probably have to visit your service center to resolve the issues.

Service centers can ask you to submit your device, depending upon the issues you are facing.


CQATest is supposed to be a diagnosis app for Motorola Android devices. Users like you and me are not allowed to use this app.

In some cases, it behaves unexpectedly and causes various system issues.

The actual cause is not yet clear. But removing the app is not a good option as it serves a specific purpose in the system.

You can try to try various methods mentioned in the above section to resolve your issues.

Can you know how to regenerate the issue? Do let us know about thoughts and suggestions through the comments section below.