3 methods to Deslide any website & get rid of slideshows forever

Want to deslide the slideshow on a website?

I hate it when I have to go to the next page to read an article on the internet.  These websites are evil that shows slides on anything.

The culture is long gone, but still, some of the famous sites do it.

The websites include slides to engage users for a longer time on their article. It could be useful for the website owner, but as a user, everyone hates it.

The truth is, there are not a lot of sites that offer this kind of service. So, either you have work with one of these or just have to press that Next button to watch the slide show.

So, here I have created a list of those few methods that will deslide any article for you.

Best ways to Deslide any website

1. Deslide Clusterfake

It is the most reliable and only deslide website which remove slideshow.

It is simple and can easily deslide more than 500 sites. Clusterfake includes most of the popular websites and does its job pretty quickly.

Steps to deslide

  • Copy the link of the article or page which you want to deslide.
  • Open Clusterfake and paste the link in the URL field.
    deslider clusterfake URL window
  • Click on Deslide
  • The page should be deslided with results visible on the current page.
  • If this doesn’t work, then go back to the article you want to deslide.
  • Now this time, first start the slideshow and then copy the URL from the browser.
    deslide clusterfake URL
  • Follow the same process on Clusterfake as mentioned before, and it should be deslided now.

One of the significant drawbacks of this website is that it has not updated since January 2019. So, you can’t expect more sites to be added to this list.

As the popularity of slides is decreasing, it’s reasonable that developers are not updating the website.

Visit Clusterfake

2. Pagezipper – Extension

Pagezipper would do your job if Clusterfake were not able to.

Pagezipper extension

It is a deslider extension that will deslide any page for you. I have used it on many sites, and it has worked pretty well.

Just install the extension and it will automatically deslide the page for you. You don’t have to press any next buttons at all.

The numbers in the extension menu will show you how many pages are deslided.

Pagezipper - deslide extension

It is just like a long screenshot of all the pages into a single page. I won’t redirect you to any other page for your deslided web page.

There was also a community around this extension where you can report about the invalid links. But its no longer active.

The only issue is that only Firefox extension is working at the time I am writing this article. You can still visit the official website to check whether the Chrome extension is again downloadable or not.

I have mentioned another deslide Chrome extension to remove web slideshows.

Visit Pagezipper Alternate Chrome extension

3. Use Print command

There is just a trick to deslide any web page. If the website is using any CSS tricks to create the slides, then this will work for you.

Press Ctrl+P or Command+P to print the page.

If everything is good, then you can see the deslided page in the print preview.

If you can’t see the print preview, then save the page as PDF by selecting the “Save as PDF” option.

Check the saved PDF to see the deslided slide show.

If it hasn’t, then probably that website is using some advanced methods to avoid desliding. You can try the next steps.

4. Alternate to Print command – Printfriendly

Paperfirendly is an alternate method for printing. If the general printing method doesn’t work for you, then you can try this.


It is useful for printing a page with customizations. You can edit the elements which you want to include on the printed page or not. But can also be used as a deslider.

Just enter the URL at the provided field, and it will fetch the printable version of the page, just like the commands mentioned above.

Also, you can edit the elements of the page if you don’t want to read anything. You can delete text or images according to your need.

Visit Printfriendly


1. How to deslide a slideshow?

All of the above methods works perfectly as a deslider.

If you are using an extension, then you don’t have to do anything. Just refresh the page after installing the extension and it will deslide any page for you.

In the case of the website, copy the URL after starting the slideshow and paste it into the URL field. The resulting web page will be a deslided page.

2. Best deslide Chrome extension

Pagezipper extension was one of the best options to deslide any slideshow. But it is no longer available to download.

You can check Pagezipper official site to check if the extension link is again downloadable or not.

You can try this Listicle To One Page extension which can deslide limited website.

3. Deslide – What historical figures really looked like will change how you perceive the past

Use Pagezipper extension.

It is the best tool for desliding this article. I have read different blogs with slides, and it works perfectly for each of them.

Unfortunately, it is only available for Firefox. But the previous section also includes an alternate for Chrome.


There are minimal options available if you want to deslide a web page. I get annoyed when I have to press Next after reading every two lines.

Websites are not trying to avoid the slides in their webpages.

But, for the remaining sites, Clusterfake and Pagezipper extension will do 90% of the job for you.

The methods are updated less frequently because of decreasing users. But they are there.

If you have any issues or recommendations, do let me know through the comments section below. I will love to hear from you.