How to wave in Messenger? Easy guide to wave Effortlessly in 2022

How to wave in messenger

How to wave in Messenger, you asked?

Well, it’s quite simple if you know how to do it. But it could be tricky and confusing.

Facebook has ditched the Nearby feature and has introduced the Wave feature. It’s just like saying hello instead of saying it, and you can just wave using a hand icon.

You can wave at your existing friends as well as new friends. Although waving current friends is not as easy as waving at new contact.

Don’t worry. We are going to answer all your questions here.

1. What is a wave on Facebook?

Wave is a Facebook feature which lets you virtually wave at your friend.

Instead of tradition Hi and Hello messages, Facebook introduced this wave feature to start conversations quickly as well as in style.

You can see a Yello hand with “Wave” text appearing on your conversation window. It will only look for a new conversation, but we have a workaround method for your old contacts too.

2. How to wave in Messenger?

Waving on Facebook is a cool way to interact with your friends. It’s like virtually waving hands at each other.

Update July 2020: Wave feature is missing in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is trying to make it much more straightforward and easy to use. With its recent changes in the interface on both Android and iOS platforms, the Wave feature is no more accessible.

Previously Facebook has also removed the Discover tab from the Messenger. Facebook has removed the wave feature from the Messenger.

Now you won’t find a button next to the contacts as you could have earlier. It is not yet clear why Facebook has removed it, but there is nothing you could do about it.

3. How to wave when you add a new contact?

As soon as you add a new friend to Messenger, you can see a new message from that contact. You can see it even if you haven’t said anything yet.

Open this message, and you can see a note to wave at your friend. A yellow hand would be appearing on your chat.

Press that hand icon, and you just have waved at your new contact. Your friend will now see a message that “ABC(you) have waved at you.”

How to wave in Messenger

You can click on the wave back button to finish waving to each other. The icon will keep hanging in there if your friend doesn’t wave back at you.

4. How to wave at an existing friend in Facebook Messenger?

You can wave at your existing friends if they are online or active. But you cannot directly wave in Messenger while you have an active conversation.

You cannot follow a similar pattern which you used to wave to a new contact. Follow the below steps to wave at a longtime Messenger friend.

  • Open Messenger and click on Contacts icon present in the middle. It looks like a “two people” icon.
  • On top of the screen, you can see two tabs – Stories and Active.
  • Click on the Active button.
  • Now you can see a list of active friends. Now click on the grey icon right next to their name to whom you want to wave.
    Facebook Messenger grey icon
  • That’s it. You have waved at your friend with whom you have an ongoing chat.

5. How to wave on website?

You can also wave at your friends using the Facebook website. It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC or mobile you can Wave using

You can see your friends list on the right-side panel. You won’t observe a wave icon initially, but as soon as you hover over any particular contact, it will become visible.

Wave on

Just press that grey hand icon, and you have just waved at your friend. Initially, it will be grey as soon as you click it, it will turn yellow.

One of the best things about this is that you can wave at anyone of Facebook. You can wave at your friends even if they are aren’t online or active.

But, one of the downsides is that you can’t search a particular contact to wave. You can only wave at friends visible in the contact list.

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6. How to wave back on Messenger or

To wave back to your friends who have waved at you, you can follow the below steps.

  • Open the conversation of a friend who waved at you.
  • You will see a yellow hand appearing, stating, “ABC (your friend) is waving at you.” Now tap on the “Tap to wave back” option.
  • You will now see a message that says, “You and ABC waved at each other.”
    Wave back on Messenger

7. How to undo or delete a wave?

Waved at someone accidentally?

Don’t worry. You can delete or take back it within 10 minutes of sending it. You won’t be able to cancel it after 10 minutes.

Delete a wave in Messenger

Follow the below steps to delete waves.

  • Open the conversation of contact.
  • Long press the wave icon.
  • You will a menu appearing on the bottom or right next to the message.
  • Tap on Remove and select “Remove for Everyone.”
  • The wave should have now disappeared from you and your friend’s chat window.

What’s Next?

As an alternate to wave feature, you can use emojis to spice up the things.

There is inbuild emoji in the chatting window of Messenger as well as the website. Now you can add hand gestures and facial expressions in emojis. You can use emojis from other apps too.

There are great apps in the market that will let you create custom emojis with your face. You can also try GIFs with music to try something new.


It seems like Facebook Messenger has ditched the wave feature without any notifications. Now, you have to start the conversation with the traditions “Hi” and “Hello” messages.

It is difficult to say that Facebook will bring back this feature or not.

You have to move to different options to species up the conversation. You can use emojis as an alternate to wave.

If you have any queries or suggestions, then do let us know through the comments section below.