5 Best ways to screenshot Instagram story without getting caught

Want to screenshot Instagram story without notifying the original poster?

Yes, now you can.

From June 2018, Instagram is no longer notifying the original poster if anyone takes a screenshot of the story. But this is not the case with the direct messages.

Instagram story is a feature of Instagram using which you can share memories or stories without preserving them.

You can say, Snapchat’s Story feature inspires this feature.

More than 500 million accounts use Instagram stories (Instagram internal data January 2019), and it is getting popular every day.

Back in Februar2018, Instagram introduced a feature that would alert a user when someone had taken a screenshot of their story. OP will see a starburst icon next to the message and text similar to the image shown below.

Starburst icon of Instagram screenshot

It was just like Snapchat’s feature, which still alerts the user about screenshots. But Instagram users were not bothered about someone taking a screenshot of their story. It was not as much of a privacy concern to them as Snapchat users.

So, in June 2018, Instagram removed this feature. But notifications are still sent to the user if you take a screenshot in direct messages.

Want to bypass notifications in DM too? I have workaround methods for you.

Is it safe to screenshot Instagram story?

According to Instagram’s Data Policy

When you share a post or send a message to specific friends or accounts, they can download, screenshot, or reshare that content to others across or off our Products, in person or in virtual reality experiences such as Facebook Spaces.

Your followers can see your profile and stories. Be aware. Anyone can use or share your Instagram story screenshot and create a post out of it.

You can safeguard your profile from such privacy issues using the methods mentioned in our upcoming sections.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?


As of July 2020, you can screenshot the Instagram story, and the original poster won’t know about it.

Before June 2018, the original poster (OP) can know about it by looking at the story analysis. If any person had taken a screenshot of the story, then there will appear a starburst icon next to a person’s name.

Instagram screenshot DM

But, can people see if you screenshot Instagram story in the future?

I have listed the best methods in the upcoming section using which you don’t have to worry about notification to the original poster ever again.

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post?


Just like Instagram stories, the original poster won’t get a notification if you have screenshotted a post.

There was no such kind of feature, and I don’t think there will be any functionality like that in the future.

Do you think Instagram should notify when you screenshot a post? Leave a comment through the comment box at the end of this article.

Q. Does Instagram notify when you screenshot in DM?


Although, Instagram doesn’t notify the original poster if you screenshot the story. But, the sender will get notified if you screenshot a photo or video in private direct messages (DM).

Instagram screenshot story notification in DM

You can send a photo in three ways-

  • View Once
    Photos send as view once will disappear once the recipient has viewed them. You can send these types of photos only using the camera button in DM.
  • Allow Replay
    Photos send as Replay can be viewed twice. It is just like a “View once” feature with one extra viewing capability.
  • Keep in chat
    Photo send under this category will remain in chat and can be viewed multiple times.

The sender gets a notification and a starburst icon next to the sent message for all three types of photos.

Instagram screenshot story - DM notify

What if you still want to screenshot without notifying the sender?

Using the methods I have mentioned in the upcoming section, you can save the images or videos without notifying the sender, even in DM.

Methods to take a screenshot without notifying the sender.

For now, the Instagram screenshot will send a notification to the sender for direct messages only.

But what if Instagram brings back screenshot feature stories in the future, or you just want to save those direct messages locally.

Here are methods using which you can screenshot photos without notifying the sender.

1. Turning off mobile data or Enabling Airplane mode

If you want to save photos or images without notifying the sender, then this is the easiest way.

You can disconnect your device from the internet by disabling mobile data and wifi. You can also enable Airplane mode to disconnect from the internet.
Instagram screenshot by turning of dataFollow the below steps to disconnect from the internet.

  • Open the Control Center(iOS) or Quick Settings(Android) by swiping up or down depending upon your OS.
  • Locate the Airplane mode icon
  • Tap it to activate the mode
  • Go back to Instagram to take the screenshot
  • When finished, deactivate by following the same step.

2. Using a screen recorder

You don’t have to disconnect from the internet while using this method.

You can use any external screen recorder or internal recorder to record the screen while opening the photo or video. It will capture everything, and you can save it to the local storage without letting the OP know.

3. Using Another camera

You always knew about this option right. It is not the best option, but its there.

You can use an external camera or smartphone to capture the image or video. Using this option, the sender can never get a clue about you taking a screenshot of the photo.

Bonus Point

One alternative of screenshotting is to use the bookmarking feature of Instagram. It is a built-in feature using which you can visit the posts any time without notifying the OP.

Just tap the bookmark icon present below the post to save it.

Revisit your bookmarked posts from your profile menu and clicking of the “Saved” option.

One of the drawbacks of this method is that if the original content is removed, then you will no longer be able to access it.

How to safeguard your Instagram profile from screenshots?

Here are a few methods using which you can keep your profile private and secure.

1. Make your profile private

Instagram let you make your profile private. Once you make your profile private, only your follower or friends will be able to see content posted by you.

Every follower request has to be approved manually by you. Only then he/she will be able to see your posts and stories.

2. Use close friends feature

It is another excellent feature provided by Instagram.

You can limit the no of people who can see your stories by adding them to your “Close friends” list. Add your friends into the list of close friends to do so.

Once you share something with your close friends, other followers won’t be able to see or know about your stories.

3. Share your info with trusted people

It is totally up to you.

You should only share personal content with the people you trust. Even if you are direct messaging someone, there is a risk of privacy theft, as seen in the previous section.

Bonus Point

Many online apps claim to send you a notification when someone screenshots your story.

I will recommend not to fall for them.

Instagram will not expose its data to any third-party application without any reason. It is a breach of privacy, and no company, including Instagram, will allow this. Hence, no app will be able to give you notifications about screenshots.

So, Do NOT install any third-party application for screenshot Instagram story. They might contain a virus and could be harmful.


Instagram stories are meant to be temporary for users. But as Instagram is no longer notifying the original poster, you can make Instagram screenshot permanent without letting them know.

Original poster won’t get notified for

  • Posts and stories screenshots
  • Sharing a taken screenshot and making a post out of it
  • Screen-recording videos in posts and stories

Just keep in mind, Instagram still notifies users if you screenshot a photo or video in direct messages if you don’t use the workaround method.

Do you think this feature should be back? Let me know your thoughts through the comments section below.