5 Best Dreamcast Emulators for glitch-free gaming on Windows & Android

best dreamcast emulator windows android

It is because of the developers; you can download the best Dreamcast emulator for PC. If you don’t have a Dreamcast, even then, you can enjoy these games and bring back old memories.

Dreamcast is a video game released by Sega in 1998. It brought joy to millions of game lovers.

Many of us still have memories tied to the games we play in Dreamcast.

So these emulators will help you bring those memories back. Now, You can download these emulators on Android devices also.

They are not perfect, and some glitches are still there. But you should try them out if your PC is not always accessible to you.

Best Dreamcast Emulator for PC

1. NullDC

NullDC - best dreamcast emulator

NullDC is an open-source emulator for the Windows platform. It is probably the best Dreamcast emulator for Windows PC.

This emulator is capable of running a commercial game that gives it advantages over others as only a  few are capable of running commercial games.

Some of the Windows CE encoded games don’t load on this emulator, and some glitches are there depending upon the game.

Unfortunately, the development was discontinued in 2011. So, you can expect these issues to get fixed.

You can still play most of the games. It provides the best graphic, sound, and gaming experience than any other emulator on the list.

Download NullDC

2. DEmul

DEmul - emulator windows

DEmul is also one of the best Sega Dreamcast emulators for the Windows PC. It is compatible with almost all of the games of the Dreamcast.

Uses a built-in plugin that provides more smooth video and audio outputs.

It is compatible with most of the Dreamcast ROMs out there. You can use a virtual memory card feature to save your progress at any time.

The developers no longer support Demul. The last update was released on 11 November 2017.

You can play games like Sonic Adventure, Nightmare Creatures 2, etc. Few of the games might stutter.

If the game is stuttering too much, you can change the Gfx plugin to Dx11. It’s more stable.

Download DEmul

3. Redream


Redream enables you to play your favorite Dreamcast games in high-definition (720p) on PC. You can use this emulator on all three platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is one of the best Dreamcast emulators on the market which is getting updated regularly. You can play 80% of the Dreamcast games on it smoothly from start to finish.

The last stable update was released in February 2020. It is the best Dreamcast emulator android.

As today it does not have a lot of features as compared to the emulators like Demul, but in future updates, we can hope some different features.

Download Redream

4. Reicast

Reicast - best Dreamcast emulator Android

Reicast is also one of the best Sega Dreamcast emulators for Windows that are updated regularly.

It can be considered as one of the best emulators for Android also. Its code is derived from the NullDC emulator and is more focused on speed.

Developers have made significant changes in terms of the look and feel of the emulator. Not all the games will be compatible, but you can still enjoy the ones that are working.

Download Reicast Reicast for Android

5. Chankast

Chankast emulator for android

It is also a great alternative to run commercial games on an emulator.

Updates for Chankast are no longer rolling out. So, it might run correctly for the old version of windows only.

Also, Windows is the only supported operating system. You might want to use other alternates if you are using different platforms.

Download Chankast

What is the best Dreamcast emulator?

NullDC is the best Dreamcast emulator for PC users. It provides the best glitch-free gaming experience.

Reicast is the best emulator for Android devices. Of course, there are glitches, but it’s still in the development process, and these could be removed in future updates.

You can try these emulators not just to play games on your PC but can be used to test a game first. You can check it and then burn it into CD to play in your Dreamcast.

Which emulator works best for you? Share your thoughts through the comment section below. We will love to hear from you.