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Fastest browser for android

In this post, we have mentioned the fastest browser for Android as browsers are among the most important apps in every smartphone. Nowadays we use smartphones for everything calling, texting, emailing, browsing and many more.

It is very easy to stick with the one which comes in the device but here we come up with the fastest browsers which will literally change your browsing experience. Among these, you can check which one suits your needs. So without any further delays, let’s start with the list of fastest browsers for Android.

How was the test performed?

The browsers were tested using a Redmi Note 3 having Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Before each test, the mobile was rebooted so that the tests ran on a clean state. We ran each test three times and arithmetic mean is taken of the recorded results to improve the accuracy.

To test the overall browser performance, we used the well-known benchmark tool Basemark | Web 3.0. This tool lets you compare different browsers. It measures the overall performance of the browser using a list of 20 tests some of them like renders 3D graphics, stresses the browser in other ways and provides the score after completing all the steps.

List of the Fastest browser for Android

1. Chrome

fastest browser for android

Best web browser for iPhoneTested: Mobile Chrome 67.0.3396.87

Result: 112.14

It is one of the most used browsers around the world. It comes as a default browser in new Android devices. You are probably already using it. In past years chrome has struggled with the performance issues but now it has improved a lot. On the Play Store, it has a 4.3-star rating, it is mostly described by users as easy to use and best browser.

Download Chrome

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2. Dolphin


best iphone browsersTested: Mobile Dolphin 12.0.11

Result: 114.78

Dolphin Browser is the better internet explorer when compared to chrome. It also has some extra features from chrome like built-in AdBlocker. In our test, it gets more score than the chrome browser and also has a more rating on the play store than the chrome browser. It has a lot of add-ons which you can install according to your requirement.

Download Dolphin

3. Opera


opera browserTested: Mobile Opera 46.3.2246.127744

Result: 105.99

Opera is now also based on chrome both are WebKit-based. But unsurprisingly the score we get on opera is much less than the chrome browser. It has a 4.4-star rating on Play Store which is greater than chrome that might be due to its clean and clear UI. We guessed the same performance from opera as the chrome but in our test, it lags behind in the race.

Download Opera

4. Firefox


Mozilla firefoxTested: Firefox for Mobile 61.0

Result: 77.91

Unsurprisingly, Firefox performed very much slower than Chrome and browsers. It was a quite slow browser when it was first introduced, uses its own rendering engine. In last few years it has improved a lot but still falls behind other browsers in performance. We hope the Firefox developers will improve its performance in the upcoming updates.

Download Firefox

5. Brave

fastest browser for android

Brave BrowserTested: Brave for Mobile 1.0.52

Result: 112.14

Unsurprisingly, the result of the brave browser comes exactly the same as the chrome browser and Basemark detected the brave browser as chrome only. But brave browser has some extra features like supports adblocker, download from the torrent website in browser only without any torrent downloading the app.

Download Brave


Dolphin was the fastest browser we tested, but Chrome and Brave weren’t far behind in the race. Opera is behind but it is a lightweight browser. Firefox is the last browser our test, so its time to change your browser if you are still using firefox. You can continue using it if you still like its UI and other features. It may not be so much faster but Firefox works great if you need privacy.

Do you have any other browser which you think is the fastest? Leave a comment below and let us know, we will update it in the list based on the performance results.