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Here is a list of best apps for rooted android device that you will definitely gonna love. A rooted device is a way much powerful than non-rooted devices and can perform lots of tasks. From battery saver to uninstalling internal apps of the device, here are must-have apps for your rooted Android device. So without that much chit-chat about how to root your phone? and why you need it I am going directly to explain you the features of the apps.

List of best apps for rooted Android devices

1. Greenify

This application is just a beast when it comes to saving the battery of your android device. It is a very simple and lightweight application but with a lot of features. I am personally using this application on my rooted device with android Noughat 7.1.2. With this application, my devices battery life is increased from 10-15 hours(depending on what you are using).

greenify root app

This application can also be downloaded and used for unrooted devices. It can hibernate apps just with a one-tap shortcut which you can place on your home screen.

Download Greenify

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2. System App Remover

This application is self-explanatory in his name. System app remover can easily remove your system’s applications like Hangouts, Google+ etc if you use them rarely on your device. This application allows a backup option also, in case you uninstalled the important system application. This is the permanent solution to useless rinning of system applications which use memory and battery life ( Greenify is a much safer solution).


best apps for rooted android

But be very careful what you doing with this application. If you don’t know what you are uninstalling then don’t use this application.

Download System App Remover

3. VIPER4Android

When it comes to listening to music, we just all love it. This beast just takes your music experience to a whole new level. It is a complete package to enhance your music experience. There are a lot of features in this application like bass boost(Not like any other app), sound enhancer, surround sound, auditory system protection and much much more. And these features are just not for your headphones but for Bluetooth and USB device also, all just gathered in one place.


This application is android version specific. You have to download it from XDA website. I am providing you the link you to download it and flash it using any recovery.

Download ViPER4Android

4. Magisk

This is a great application and manager for your android device. The new version has now superuser included in it automatically, so you don’t have to flash it as a separate. The best thing with this I found is that It can hide the root information from the application you are using and hence you will be able to use applications like Tez, PhonePay which usually stop working if the phone is rooted.


Download Magisk

5. WifiKill

This app is not much necessary for everyone to be used, but if you are in college or school and you are experiencing a downgrade in the bandwidth of network then this app can be used to gain some speed. This application has a clean interface and is also available in play store. Just download it and use it.

wifikill best rooted apps

It doesn’t allow any other user to access the network whom which you kill using the application. But use this at your own risk, I am not responsible if your organization has now authorized you to use such kind of apps.

Download Wifikill

This is the list for now. I am here not including apps like Busybox, Xposed framework etc because they are totally dependent on the user how he wants to use his phone.

Thanks for reading this post. I will keep updating the post in future if I find any great applications. So stay tuned and comment your views in the comment section below.


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