Best Car Rental App for Android and iOS in 2019

Best car rental app for android and iOS

We all know what perks we get if we have our own car while traveling instead of a taxi. And renting a car now days is much easier than ever before. It’s much economical and preferred for long-distance traveling and is far more convenient than hiring a taxi.

But as a human, we always want more. We not only want our rides comfortable and easy but best at the price range too. With tons of apps in the market, it sometimes really become difficult to choose the best service providers. So, here are some of the best Car rental apps which won’t let you down in the difficult time.


Always pick a high rated car or do a quick inspection of the car to avoid any troubles in the journey.

List of best Car Rental App for Android and iOS

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

enterprise car rental appEnterprise is one of the biggest names in car rental apps and is one of the best car rental apps with thousands of happy users. The app works great and has excellent customer care support too.

You can check out what cars Enterprise has available at the locations near you. You can easily schedule a reservation and manage your rentals. Enterprise app also has international support.

enterprise car rental app screen

Just select the car which suits best for you from the different locations in your area. The prices are shown according to your time of hiring the car. Pick the car and you are good to go. The app is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Android iOS

2. is also one of the popular car rental apps available. They source most popular car rental services like Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, and several others.

It supports more than 40 languages, 49,000 locations worldwide and has priced in 91 different currencies. So, you don’t have to worry about service unavailability and always feel like home, even if you are in another country. screen android

As the app source most of the other services it’s really a good choice if you are looking for a car rental app. You can find a rental car pretty much anywhere you go. The app can be downloaded from the link below.

Android iOS

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3. Getaround

getaroundGetaround offers cars in an easy way and without any paperwork. It offers you to hire a car of your choice from a Toyota to a BMW. It is free to join and there is no monthly and annual fee.

Getaround cars are available with rental insurance on every trip to offer you a stress-free road trip. If you are not satisfied with the above apps then you can try this one.

getaround screen ios

Android iOS

4. Zipcar

zipcarZipcar is the easiest and quickest way to hire a rental car. It is available on the day and hourly basis. It comes with the gas and insurance too.

You can choose the car of your choice to be it a sedan, hybrid, van and more. It is available in many cities across the USA and it comes with a total of 26 different languages so you can understand the app properly.

The fare rates start around $ 8-10 per hour and the membership cost is around $6 month. Download this app for Android and iOS from below links.

zipcar screen ios

Although, Zipcar is not the best app which we will recommend you to use. Even though it has a really good rating in their respective app store but it does not perform well in our customer satisfaction parameter.

Android iOS

5. Expedia

expediaExpedia is one of a few all-in-one solutions for car rental apps. It’s not just a car rental app but offers lots of other services like flight booking, hotel booking etc.

Additionally, the app has discovery features in case you’re going to a city that you don’t know. We wouldn’t recommend such an app for someone who needs just a car rental, but if nothing works for you, you can try this.

expedia screen iosHowever, it’s a good solution for those planning a vacation or a business trip somewhere.

Android iOS

That’s all for best car rental app for Android and iOS devices. Please share your views and comments from the comments section given below. If you have any other suggestion for the above list, then let us know. We will love to include it on our list and make it more helpful for you.