15 Best Couple Games App for Android and iOS

best couple games app for android ios

Here are the Best Couple Games App for Android and iOS which you can play with your partner or lover. There may be one time where you want to experience something new or have some fun.

These games have dares or tasks which let you know more about your partner. Some other apps let you share contents privately and securely.

Some of them are just sharing apps which initially seems to be sharing but are amazing and worth trying. So, lets directly dive into the list.

Best Couple Games App for Android and iOS

1. Between (Android | iOS)

betweenBetween is a popular private couple app where you can communicate more romantically and store precious memories easily with your loved one. It is a perfect messenger app for couples where you can quickly start chatting with a stranger and your loved one.

It also has an extensive collection of free emojis and GIFs so that you can send them to your partner. Between have free emoticons and GIF selfies make your conversations more romantic when talking to each other.

All of your precious memories along with photos, videos, chat, and others will be stored in this app privately. This app only includes you and your partner, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending images to your mom.

Android iOS

2. Happy Couple (Android | iOS)

couple games app long distance couples android iosThe happy couple is one of the best free couples of games apps for Android and iOS users. It is a love quiz game app where you can have fun and find out more about what your partners are thinking or feeling.

It has a lot of questions for couples by which you can easily know about your partners. You can also earn points after answer correctly for a question. The app has different locked challenges, you can easily unlock it after filling correct answers.

Android iOS

3. Couplete (Android | iOS)

coupleteCouplete is a fast, private and secure messenger app for couples which allows you to share all of your photos, messages, and emojis by your mood.

Along with these, you can also use it as to-do list app and bill reminder to share to-do list with your partners. It can also be used as a wish list to create and share a wish list for couples, helping couples to plan everything they want to do together.

You can also save your best and happy moments and even share them with your partners using this app. All your shared media is accessible through the timeline which will remind you of your happy moments.

Android iOS

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4. Desire (Android | iOS)

desireDesire is another app developed which can be played with that particular person in your life, your love. In this game, you offer to dare to your partner which you love to play.

It has some predefined categories as love sensations, roleplay, and fantasy, dress code, bath time, under my thumb, valentine’s day and others.

You can easily choose any of them before start game with your partner. Along with these it also provides private chat option so that you can start to chat with your partner privately.

Android iOS

5. LokLok (Android)

loklokLokLok is an application which will let you share screen lock with your friends or partner. You can draw, type a text message or remind them something important.

It’s really a different app and when you once start using it, you will love it. LokLok syncs your lock screens so you can use them as a virtual message board.


6. Sexy dice (Android | iOS)

sexy diceSexy Dice is a perfect relationship app for two which is a more intimate way to share your life with your partner.

It is a fun and utterly private couple of game apps for Android and iOS users. It is a perfect app where you have to shake or touch the screen to throw the dice, and you have to accomplish what is written on them.

You can also add or remove actions on this app easily for free. The app has inbuilt emoji app where you can easily express your mood with your partner using emojis.

Android iOS

7. iPassion (Android | iOS)

ipassioniPassion is a couple of game apps where you will get some games to play with your partner. Using this love couple quiz app, you will be able to know better about your partner and your partner know about you.

Easily discover likes, dislikes of your partner and how to rub him/her the right way with custom quizzes. It is easy to use. The app is free where you have to fill answer of some questions, and your partner has to guess the correct answer.

You have to give two answers about your preferences, likes or dislikes and your partner have to guess it. For every correct answer, you win 10 points, and the person who reaches 100 points will win.

Android iOS

8. Dirty Game for Couples (Android | iOS)

Dirty gameDirty game for the couple is another couple game app for Android and iOS users. It has more than 1000 dirty truth or dares with four different difficulty levels.

This is a game application between two people. You do the stuff as specified this app. There are multiple modes in which you will enjoy a lot while playing.

You can play truth and dare based on the specific attracting question it will ask you to do. The game is pretty simple and enjoyable with a neat and easy interface.

Android iOS

9. Bliss (Android | iOS)

blissBliss is another favourite game for lovers which can be easily played on Android or iOS devices. It is a perfect romantic game for a couple in love.

There are more than 500 built-in actions in this app which can be performed by the couple for better use of this app. You can also use this app as truth and dare apps to know about your partner’s life.

It is available for both free and paid options with different features to use to play online and offline game with your partner. It keeps track of your favourite mood, music and even what you’re wearing.

Android iOS

10. SexRoulette (Android | iOS)

sexrouletteIt is a couple game app. An app is elected as one of the best by CDUF in 2017. It has four different couple game challenges as a hot challenge, hot question, fantasy play cards, and hot gifts.

You have to choose any of them before you start playing this game with your partner. The has been tested and approved by every beta-testers, and it is perfect and secure couple game app.

This app gathers four dirty games in one app. A beautiful wheel with special effects, perfect to spice up your night. It is full of fun and laugh which is the perfect way to spend an awesome night with your partner.

Android iOS

11. Romantic Couple Dress Up (Android | iOS)

romantic coupleRomantic couple dress up is a dress up game app where you have to give a perfect date look for a couple. You have to change their hairstyles, ideal clothing, and another look for a perfect date.

In this app, the couple wants to go to date, and they want help from you to provide perfect dress up for their date. It is free, fun and friendly game app for you which provides perfect date experience for the couple.

You can customise the male character with a neat beard and hairstyle, attracting t-shirt or suit, scarf or choose from the other options provided in the app. Download the app from the link below.

Android iOS

12. Kindu (Android | iOS)

kinduKindu is a perfect couple communication app where you can quickly start a chat with your partner. It is a perfect app where you can immediately know what to do with your partner for more fun.

There are more than 1000 unique couple of entertainment and relationship ideas. It is a password protect app which provides lots of security option so that you can easily secure your data and other details with unknown.

It has a unique feature to add to favourite which allows you to star favourites and create the favourite list. Download the app from the link below for your desired device.

Android iOS

13. SimplyUS (iOS)

simplyusThis app lets you share information and important stuff with your partner. It made you share your calendar, To-do list and much more.

Ever forgot to bring eggs to home? With this app, you can synchronise your calendar along with your so that you will never miss anything important again.

You can plan your things together and it’s compatible with all your calendars like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. The app lets you and your honey sync your calendars and share your to-do lists.


14. Theatre (Web app)

synaptopThis website lets you watch movies, TV shows, documentaries etc on multiple screens simultaneously. You can watch a movie with your partner if you are at distant apart.

This app is synced, and you can increase volume, playback speed from one device and It will get reflected on all other connected devices.

This app, which runs on the Synaptop operating system. You’ll never have to struggle to coordinate when exactly you’re going to hit the play button on that cute cat video again.


15. Call Sweetie (iOS)

call sweetieThis app lets you save your partner’s number on this app and hence creating a personal space in your smartphone.

You can directly call or SMS using this app to your partner. You don’t have to scroll through all your contact list and then to message or call your partner. Using this app, its right there in front of you all the time.


That’s all for the best couple games app for Android and iOS devices. If you have any queries or suggestions, then do let us know through the comments section below.