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Best free fitness apps for android and ios

Are you looking for the best free fitness apps for your smartphone?

If the answer to the above question is yes then you are at the correct place. Working out daily helps in lowering down all the bad things like blood pressure etc and builds up stamina. The best you can do for your body is stay fit and healthy. Owning a smartphone won’t do this for you but there are plenty of apps available in the market you can use which can guide you is achieving it. We have listed the best apps available on the market.

Best Free Fitness Apps

1.Fitness Pal

best free fitness appsFitness Pal is a popular app. You’ve probably already have heard of it. And it has a ton of features.

I specifically use it for the calorie counting. So you can put in the names of the foods you’re eating and it’ll tell you how many calories. Or you can just use the built-in barcode scanner and scan the label of what you just ate.

But even beyond that it has a ton of features for things like workouts and exercises and helping with meals and recipes, and even letting you track your progress with step counting. It can connect to a bunch of different fitness devices.

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LifesumIn Lifesum you can set up one of three goals. Like gaining weight and muscle, losing weight, or maybe just becoming a healthier person all around. And once you set that goal Lifesum will set many milestones on the path to your final goal.

It’ll then calculate how much carbs, calories, protein, and fat you need to consume each day to reach your milestones. And it couldn’t be easier to log your meals into Lifesum, ’cause you can just search it up, or even add the foods that you eat often to your favorites for easy access. And the app will automatically know every piece of nutritional information for that meal.

The favorite part of the app though is how you can actually scan the barcode on the box of food you bought from the store. And Lifesum will know exactly what it is along with all its nutritional information.

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3.Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & ThinkMeditation just as little as five minutes can actually help you gain that mental clarity if you are to have a regular practice every day.

Now Stop, Breathe, and Think allows you to do that with guided meditations that are given to you based upon the mood that you tell the app you are in currently.

That way you’ll be able to keep the good vibes rolling or you’ll be able to calm yourself after some stressful moments. So, this application is a great way to start, and many of its features are free. So when you feel that stress coming on in your mind you can go ahead and do a mental exercise in Stop, Breathe, and Think.

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4.Polar Flow

Polar FlowPolar Flow provides a lot of unique features. Number one, Platform doesn’t really matter what phone I had or was using yesterday.

I simply log on to Polar Flow with my account and it brings all my training information. Number two, it does a really good job at either syncing with Google Fit or with Apple Health Services. Number three, the fact that includes the most complete list of workouts that I’ve ever seen. But fourth and most important to the diet that I do requires me to know what training zone I was in because not all calorie burn is equal.

Depending on how intense you were training you were either burning fat or improving your physical condition. And Polar services are the most complete in providing you how your workout was and what it did for you.

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5.Bodyweight Fitness

Bodyweight FitnessBodyweight Fitness is a good stretching app for level up your fitness and strength. Bring changes in your life by becoming more active and motivated. One of the best features of this app is it lets you choose relevant to your fitness level in the available sections.

You can also watch the full videos available for every exercise available offline. Track your workout log right on your smartphone with the full report.

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6.Upper Body Training

Upper Body WorkoutsUpper Body Training is of the popular stretching apps which provide you up to 75 exercises targeting all muscles of your upper body.

Either choose from 6 unique workout programs or build your own workout with custom workouts. Choose exercises, duration, rest intervals and challenge yourself with your own training. It has free as well as paid version.

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7.FitStar Yoga

FitStar YogaFitStar Yoga helps people improve their fitness whether it’s their flexibility or their core strength or just overall they wanna get a better start on their body.

This app doesn’t require you to buy into the spirituality of Yoga if that’s not what you’re into.

But it provides some of the core mechanics to really help you not only get a good workout but improve your flexibility and your strength. It also builds a customized skill program for you based on your level.


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