9 best karaoke apps for not so good singers – Android & iPhone

best karaoke apps for iphone & android

If you are organising a karaoke party at your home, then you are at the right place to select the best karaoke apps for your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Not all of us are blessed for voice by God. Still, you can record karaoke even if you are not a good singer.  Most of the apps are equipped with auto-tune feature and support a great community to share your creation. You can sing along the songs as lyrics are shown for each song.

You can enjoy karaoke on your smart TV too. Follow the guide at the end of the article for connecting your smart devices using the screen mirroring feature.

Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone and Android

1. Karaoke – Yokee music

Yokee - best Karaoke appsIt is one of the best karaoke apps for Android devices. It has a vast collection of songs to sing. App has special inbuilt audio and video effects, which you can apply to recordings.

Your voice is auto-enhanced with echo and a little reverb, so you’ll always sound great. Enhance the songs by adding effects like chorus after recording.

Video themes like snow, rain, love, cute, black, and white can be used in the video to make the video more attractive.

Premium subscription offers unlimited access to premium songs. Subscription can be purchased based on a weekly, monthly, yearly subscription.

Android iOS

2. Smule Karaoke (Apple TV compatible)

Smule karaokeSmule is the best app for duet karaoke with the highest rating than any other karaoke app. It offers a great list of songs that you can sing along Karaoke with lyrics.

You can create solo as well as a duet to songs. It offers audio as well as video mode for recording. Unfortunately, you can only create duet karaoke in the free version.

App also offers tools to customize the audio and video effects. Smule is a good option for bad singers. It also provides pitch correction for real-time tuning while you sing.

Smule offers to create your vocals first and then quickly add any video that you want. You can add visual effects like smoke, bubbles, and fireflies to your video.

Android iOS

3. The Voice – Yokee Interactive

the voiceVoice app is the official partner of the famous TV show The Voice. App has a catalog of more than 2,000,000+ songs, which is most massive than any other app out in the market.

One of the best features of this app is that the more songs you sing, the more songs you unlock. You can create video and well as audition karaoke’s using the app.

The app, along with the songs, also offers features such as Auto-Tune, the Pitch Pointer, Vocal Guides, and a vast range of Audio effects. So, you can modify your song to get pro-like results.

Android iOS

4. StarMaker

star maker free karaoke appStarmaker is one of the top-rated Karaoke making app in the market. This app lets you edit your voice after recording the song or while you are recording.

It supports features like audio and video recording, which will help you make duets karaoke.

The collaboration feature makes the app more enjoyable with your friends and favorite artists. You don’t have to reveal your identity while sharing your talent.

This app shares the same catalog of songs with The Voice app. It provides editing features too in the form of predefined templates or manual adjustments.

Android iOS

5. Voloco – Resonant Cavity

voloko best smule alternativeVoloco has a smooth interface and shows you just the perfect things you want to find. Just a few taps, and it will be your best karaoke recording app.

Voloco has easy songs to sing that make you sound good, even if you are not. It has a few unique special effects in editing, which I want to mention.
Big Chorus – A seven-voice harmonization effect
Hard Tune – The classic AutoTune sound made famous by T-Pain and others
Natural Tune – Gentle automatic tuning
SuperVocoder – A pitched-down monster vocoder

It has six different vocal effects available to use them according to your interest and quickly correct your voice to be like a star. Chromatic scale and the vocoder is an amusing combination you want to try.

Android iOS

6. Red Karaoke (Service Discontinued)

Red karaoke - best karaoke for iphoneRed Karaoke is one of the best karaoke apps for iPhone users. They have a massive library of songs which includes more than 110,000 songs.

You can also create videos with excellent video effects and can sing duets or solo based on your choice. A lot of customization features like adding sound effects, balancing music with voice, customizing videos, and much more.

It also the best app for smart TV  using the Karaoke Party app.  Karaoke app is 100% compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick.

You can play karaokes among 60 music genres and 30 languages with regular updates. Updates are released weekly. It features a great community full of people with whom you can share your singing talent. Official support for this app is no longer available, but still, you can try the app.


7. SingPlay Karaoke – NexStreaming

singplayIt is one of the smallest karaoke apps for iPhone and Android devices. SingPlay also converts the music on your phone into karaoke songs.

Apart from its size, the app also offers essential editing tools. You can edit your recordings with volume and voice controls feature. If you’re happy with it, save as an mp3 file on your device.

You have the capability of recording only the part of the song that you like and not the whole song. You can also add an echo effect to your voice.

Smoothly sing along Karaoke with lyrics, if they are not present in the song initially.


8. KaraFun – Recisio

KarafunMake music with strangers using the Karafun app. It has a catalog of more than 26,000 karaoke songs.

Browse all the songs or navigate through new releases or styles (country, jazz, rock, pop, disco, funk, world music) and much more.

You can create and edit your songs within the app. It provides a function to control each vocal track individually. You can also adjust the pitch, which will make you sound great even if you can’t sing.

Offline Mode lets you use the app without the internet. It saves the lyrics of the apps, and then you can use the songs as per your need.

It is also one of the best karaoke apps for Chromecast users. The app features hiding of “My songs” (favorites, offline, and history) so only YOU can see and access them. Sync the songs that you like offline and keep the karaoke party going.

Android iOS

9. Karaoke for Kids – Grabbit

Karaoke for kidsProbably the best karaoke app for kids out in the market. It features well-known nursery rhymes, as well as many other songs that children love.

Apart from having fun while singing, your children can improve their reading skills by listening to, reading, and singing the lyrics of the songs.

The app features the ability to record and send your recordings by email. It has two audio tracks: with a vocal and instrumental.


10. Baby Karaoke

baby karaokeBaby karaoke is a fun app for toddlers in your house to learns alphabets and rhymes. It’s a game that allows you to sing nursery rhymes along with your children.

If you have kids in your house, this will be an excellent choice for you. The songs are limited in the app, but that I believe will get updated in the future.

Android iOS

How to set up Karaoke at home on TV?

One of the most natural methods to set up Karaoke on TV is using screen mirroring feature of Smart devices. iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV can be connected using the Airplay feature, which is inbuilt in every iOS device.

  1. Download the Karaoke app from the list in your smart device ( smartphones, tablets, or computers).
  2. Connect your smart device and TV to the same wifi network.
  3. Go to your TV settings and turn on the Screen mirroring feature.
  4. Turn on the screen mirroring feature on your smart device also.
  5. Select your TV from the list of devices and follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup. After this, your accessories should be connected.

You might need speakers and microphones, depending upon your setup, for Karaoke to work correctly.


Karaoke from Yokee and Smule karaoke apps are dominating the market in terms of the user. Although Smule is popular among the users, it has minimal features in the free version as compared to the Karaoke from Yokee.

Smule still provides a great community where you can enjoy and share your duets with others. It is also compatible with Apple TV, which is a plus point if you do Karaoke at home.

Do you think Karaoke apps should focus on adding support for Smart TV? Share your thoughts with us from the comments section below and tells us which app did you enjoyed the most.