5 Best Medicine Reminder app for Android & iOS 2019

medicine reminder

Here is a list of best medicine reminder app for iOS and Android devices. We know how much health is important to you. You might sometimes forget to take important pills or forgot to remind about it to your grandparents or children.

So, here is the best medicine reminder app for your device so that you will never have to worry about it again.

List of best medicine reminder app for iOS and Android

1. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Mediasafe

medicine reminder appGet reminders for all your meds along with the note using this app. This app provides a medicine name suggestion while adding a new one.

You can choose your timings, how many pills to take and even the color of the pills. The app can also snooze the reminder in case you are unable to take pills. You can also add your dependents for pill reminder.

iOS Android

2. Medication reminder and Pill Tracker

Medication & Pill ReminderThis app is all in one tracker which tracks and reminds you about your medication, taking measurements, performing an activity and to even record your moods.

Add reminders of cycling, running, swimming etc. It can add symptoms also at a particular time of day. You can choose from different moods to analyze your behavior.

The app can also generate reports according to each month. Download the app from link below.

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3. CareZone

CareZoneThe best thing about this app is that it can take pictures of your medications. In case you are outstation and you forgot to bring your meds, No problem! With this app, you can buy new ones from the nearest drug store.

It also provides other features like pill reminder, organize your contacts like doctor, family etc, calendar to keep a record of appointments and much more. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

iOS Android

4. Pill Reminder: Medication Reminders & Tracker

Pill ReminderThis is a very lightweight app for your smartphone. Doesn’t provide much of the fancy interface but does its job. You can add appointments, reminders to medications and all other stuff too.

It Keeps tracks on the calendar and in the easiest way possible. Available in three different languages and for both iOS and Android devices.

iOS Android

5. Round Health: Medicine and Pill reminder

Round HealthThis app has a very simple and beautiful interface. You can add medications and reminders and you can keep track of each of them.

It also provides the history from which you can track whether you have taken your medicines on time or not. It can also be used with you apple watch to display reminders and notifications.

This app is available for iOS devices only. Download the app for your iOS device from the link below.


6. MedicaApp: medication reminder & pill tracker

MedicaAppExtremely lightweight app for your android device to remind you about your medications. It also reminds you to refill your medications stock depending upon the initial stock you have provided.

You can also send refills request to your pharmacy also. This app is only available for Android devices only.


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