5 Best root apps for Rooted Android in 2020

Best Root apps for ROOTED Android

I am using these best root apps for seven years now.

I rooted my first device Samsung Galaxy Star in 2013. From that day till now, I still get amazed at what a rooted device is capable of doing.

So, I have created this list of best root apps that will bring out the most from your rooted Android.

These apps will not only help you to increase the speed and space of your device but will increase the battery backup tremendously.

Best Root Apps for Rooted Android

1. Greenify

Greenify for rooted Android

This application is just a beast when it comes to saving the battery of your android device. It is a straightforward and lightweight application but with a lot of features.

Greenify pause or hibernates the apps which are not much used. Instead of always running in the background, these apps are put on sleep and will only be awake once you manually start them.

It will mute all the notifications sent by apps added in the Greenify.

Just start the app, provide root permission, and add apps that you want to hibernate. Once you have added, your apps leave the rest of the thins to Greenify.

With this application, my device’s battery life is boosted from 10-15 hours(depending on what you are using). It is truly one of the best apps for rooted devices.

Download Greenify

2. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup - best root apps

It is a must-have app for rooted android devices.

Titanium Backup lets you backup app and data of any application on your Android. After restoring the app, it will bring back all configuration and data to the moment before the backup.

It is just like creating a system restore point in Windows OS. But instead of creating a restore point for Android, you are creating a restore point for a particular app.

You can even uninstall the app and use Titanium backup for restoration. You don’t have to login or reconfigure the app.

Download Titanium Backup

3. VIPER4Android

Viper4android best root app

It is the ultimate app for music lovers.

I love to tune my music output using the Equalizer. Viper4Android is one of the best apps for rooted Android users.

There are a lot of features in this app like Bass Boost (not like any other app), sound enhancer, surround sound, auditory system protection, and much much more.

These features are just not for your headphones but Bluetooth and USB devices also, all just gathered in one place.

This application is Android version-specific. You have to download it from XDA website (DO NOT download from any other website). I am providing you with the link you to download it and flash it using any recovery.

Download ViPER4Android

4. Tasker


This beast is an automation app.

If used properly, it can replace a lot of other apps and make your life easy. You can automate almost everything.

You can create profiles or tasks which will be performed automatically based on triggered events.

Want to turn on Flashlight on calls or turn of charging at a particular point, Tasker will do it. You can even set an alert if the temperature of the device rises. The possibilities are endless.

Download Tasker

5. System App Remover

System app remover

System app remover is helpful to remove the preinstalled apps on your Android. There are a few apps that you can’t uninstall.

Major smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc. add some apps which can not be uninstalled easily.

Yeah, you can also use ADB commands to remove these apps, but you need a laptop to execute these commands. With a dedicated app, you can do this with just a click.

This application allows a backup option also, in case you uninstalled the important system application. Removing these apps will reduce memory and also affect battery life.

Don’t uninstall any random application. If you remove any system application, your system might go into a boot loop.

Download System App Remover


These are the best root apps for rooted Android devices. I am using all of these apps on my Android til today. And I can’t imagine my Android experience even without one of them.

The list is never-ending, and there is always a margin to add new apps in this list. So, I have only included the apps which I liked the most.

Which app did you like the most? Let me know through the comments section below.