5 Best search engine apps for Android | iOS – Web search engines

best search engine apps for android

​Best search engine apps for Android|iOS are included based on their shares in the marketplace. Web search engines are very important and we can’t imagine finding something over the internet without them. Without any search engine, its just like to find a needle in a haystack. Search engine performance also depends on your browse speed and user experience becomes more pleasant with fasted browser. Now without any delay, let’s move on to the best web search engines for Android and iOS.

List of best search engine apps for Android | iOS – Web search engines

1.Google (Query Volume – 91.46%)

best search engne apps for androidGoogle search is having the largest market share among all the search engines in the world. It is famous for its simplicity and performance. One of the reasons for its largest share is because of its mobile OS Android. Android shares approx 42% of Operating Systems market share in Aug 2018. With the largest share, it is obvious that people search more often from its default Google search option rather than any other search engine.

Google also provides you with local search results based on your location. It will tell you about the latest movie shows, food stores, transportation help and more. You can also search using your voice.

Google for Android Google for iOS

2.Bing (Query Volume – 3.13%)

bingBing is the second largest search engine in the world by market share. Microsoft currently owns and operating Bing. Bing is a default search engine in the Microsoft’s Operating systems i.e. Windows. Windows platform has an approximately 36% share in the operating system market share. Unlike Google, Bing’s default search page is much more colorful with the constantly changing background image each day. There is a short description of the image and some fun facts just below the image. You can search right from the text appearing on the top of the image.

Bing is really a good option if you are looking for something new for your searching experience. With new images every day, it feels different and good. With Microsoft’s reward program you can also get free coupons for Amazon, Starbucks etc. They will give you coupons of $5 or $10 based on your frequency of searches.

Bing for Android Bing for iOS

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3.Yahoo (Query Volume – 2.51%)

web search enginesYahoo has a 2.21% market share of search engines use in the world. It is one of the oldest search engines introduces in 1995 and is now the third largest by query volume in the USA.

Just like Bing, Yahoo also has a different search page with news updates. It will show you the latest news based on your location. It tells you about the weather, scoreboard of matches and information about Horoscope too. You can search about images, videos, news etc. by selecting the category present at the top.

Yahoo for Android Yahoo for iOS

4.Baidu (Query Volume – 1.94%)

baiduBaidu shares 1.94% of query volume all around the world and is the fourth largest search engine. It is in the Chinese language so it will be impossible for you to use it if you don’t know Chinese. Baidu is the eight largest internet company by revenue in the world according to Wikipedia.

Baidu will help you search for the latest news, images, videos and other stuff. You can search using image, text or voice whatever you are comfortable to use. The camera app can search directly in Baidu and it also offers Chinese and English conversion in real time.

Baidu for iOS

5.DuckDuckGo (Query volume – less than 1%)

duckduckgoThis search engine is mainly developed to focus on protecting searchers’ privacy. You will not get any filtered results as other engines use to do. It will show the same results to every user based on the best results rather than the most searched results. This makes it apart from other engines too.

Instead of its low query volume, DuckDuckGo is quite famous over the internet. Service is available for Android as a browser. It is recommended to use this browser along with the TOR bundle for utmost privacy. Download the browser app from the link below.

DuckDuckGo for Android DuckDuckGo for iOS

That’s all for the best list of best search engine apps for Android|iOS. The market share data of search engines is picked from Statcounter.

If you have any queries, then let us know through the comment section below.