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Your search for best song lyrics app for your smartphone ends right here. This post includes all the features of the best lyrics app available out there in your app store for your favorite songs and their lyrics. We will tell why it is the ultimate song lyrics app for your smartphone and why you should think twice about using any other music player.

Best Song lyrics app for your Android | iOS – Musixmatch


Have you ever listened to a song and want to know “Damn! It’s a great song. I wanna know the lyrics”. You then search the lyrics over the internet and capture a screenshot if you want it for future reference. I know it’s a pretty hectic process and you gotta read from line to line to know what the hell is he saying. Musixmatch is the app which can help you out to get the lyrics of your favorite song right on your screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s in any language. If that song exists,

This application can get those songs lyrics right on to your screen. It doesn’t even end here, If the lyrics of the song are not there and you wanna update their catalog ( which is by the way largest in the world ) then you can do that too, you just have to Sign into the application. Get points and badges for your contribution to musixmatch and get recognized in the musixmatch application. So here are few of the feature of this application.

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Features of Musixmatch

1. Lyrics at your fingertips

One great thing that you can accept from this application is to fetch lyrics for songs and it does it for you like a charm.

song lyrics app screen

You just have to turn your internet on and wait for the magic. It can get lyrics to almost every song. If not, go ahead and help others to know about the lyrics. The lyrics have already been synchronized with the songs and you don’t have to always scroll down to see where the next line of the song is.


The music player can also convert the lyrics into your local language. There are plenty of languages available to which you can listen to songs. But in the majority, you will at least get lyrics in the English language. If any contributor has converted that song into another language then you can see translated lyrics right below the lyrics in English language and that too changes according to the song in live mode. Go check it out yourself.

2. Great Equalizer


The music players support a very great equalizer also. If you love the music and want to customize some beats according to your need, you can use the built-in equalizer on your mobile. It has a pretty simple interface and supports a variety of ranges of bands. If you’re an average listener, then it can handle anything you throw at him. It also got a bass booster and 3D surround sound effect.

There are also some other little things that add up in this applicationImage. There are options to edit the image of the song. I know it’s not that much important but I think this makes your phone look cool. The image appears as a background and also appears in the albums cover photo. You can create a lyric card while sharing lyrics over the social media. There is also one more very helpful option for sleep timer which can automatically turn the app after a defined countdown timer which you can access the options.

3. Floating Window

Floating window imageApart from these features one of the best features of this app is the floating window.

If you are listening to music on other application like Shazam, youtube etc. and want to know lyrics of that song, MusicMatch will do that for you without even switching over to it with the help of this feature. It will display you a floating window on your screen to show the lyrics of your currently playing song. Isn’t it great?

You can download the app from below link directly to your smartphone.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Try this great app and I am sure you won’t even try to switch any other application. If you have any queries then let us know through the comments section below.