7 Necessary Thermometer App Needed by Every Parent

Best Thermometer App Android & iphone

Do you think there is a thermometer app that will help you to get the body temperature?

Think again.

Most of the apps on the App Store or Play Store will be able to get you the local temperature. They fetch temperature based on your GPS and internet location.

To get the temperature on your smartphone, you have to buy an external device.

A thermometer becomes very necessary when you have kids at home, especially newborns.  You have to be sure and confident about whether your child is sick or not.

Nowadays, there are a lot of digital thermometers available online. You can buy any of them based on your budget and features of the thermostat.

Is there an app to take your temperature?

In short, NO. No app alone is capable of recording your body temperature. You require some physical device that is capable of recording it for you, along with which you can use the app.

You can use the below-mentioned apps to measure and monitor the temperature of your loved ones. Few also can be used as meat thermometer apps to grill your favorite meat.

Best thermometer app for iPhone and Android

1. Kinsa Smart Stick

kinsa smart stick best thermometer appIt is one of the best thermometer app when it comes to temperature measurement.

Kinsa’s thermometers will allow you to measure the temperature accurately, even without this app. It will alert you when the temperature of the person goes above a particular mark.

It will allow you to keep records of members of the family, get medicine recommendations, nearby hospitals, advice from doctors right from the app.

The app is also helpful if you want to check the sickness based on symptoms. You just have to enter the details, and it will tell you whether someone is sick or not.

Android iPhone

2. iThermonitor

iThermonitoriThermonitor is the free thermometer app for Android and iOS. It is most suitable for monitoring temperature for babies. iThermonitor thermometer device is available on Amazon at an appropriate price.

The app continuously monitors the temperature of the person after successfully pairing with the device. If there are any deviations from the average temperature, then this will alert you.

If you want to check sickness based on symptoms that you could also check right from the app, it also provides a dosage of medicine that could help to get relief.

It is developed at Boston Children’s Hospital to help concerned parents to interpret a child’s temperature.

Android iPhone

3. Smarttemp

SmarttempSmarttemp works with the Smarttemp device that you can buy from the Infanttech website.

It is a small thermometer device that can be placed under the arm to monitor the temperature. Once appropriately paired, it will give the real-time temperature of your child and will sound an alarm if fever spikes.

You can take a healthy sleep without worrying about any changes in your little one’s body temperature. It also logs the history of fevers, which is an excellent feature while consulting a doctor.


4. iCelsius

iCelsius free thermometer appiCelsius is the best wireless thermometer app for your home. It works only with the iCelsius probes, which you can purchase from the iCelsius store.

Once the specific probes are purchased, the app can act as an indoor thermometer app as well as a body thermometer app. You can connect it to a wifi network, which has a lot more connectivity and stability than Bluetooth.

You can measure fever using the app with real-time monitoring using the app.

Android iPhone

5. Thermometer

Thermometer freeIt is more of a phone thermometer app as it is only capable of measuring temperature using your GPS. It is just like another wether app which also gives you the t with different backgrounds

The app claims to have the most accurate data in the Play Store, i.e., down to the tenth of a degree. Download the app from the link below.

Android iPhone

6. Smart Thermometer

Smart ThermometerSmart Thermometer is also another app that claims to be an indoor thermometer app. It shows you the temperature based on your location. You cannot check the temperature around the smartphone.

We have tried experimenting and found no good results. It uses your internet and GPS connection to fetch the temperature.

It is an excellent app to prank around with friends but cannot be trusted to measure actual body temperature for fever.


7. BBQ Go

BBQ Go meat thermometer appIt is the best thermometer app for iPhone and Android for cooking purposes. You can purchase the device from ink-bird.com at a very affordable price.

It works using Bluetooth and provides alarm functionality. It is also a great option when you want to cook the perfect meal at the right temperature.

BBQ Go offers temperature monitoring on the LED screen as well as on the application. You can connect two probes to a single device, which will allow you to cook multiple pieces simultaneously.

Android iPhone

How to take your temperature without an app or thermometer?

If you don’t have a physical fever thermometer in your house, then you can try these methods to check fever symptoms.

  1. Check the pulse and compare it with a regular resting pulse rate (i.e., 60-90 bpm).
  2. Generally, pulse rises by 10bpm with a 1°C rise in core body temperature. So, if your regular pulse is 60bpm, a rate of 90bpm could mean your core body temperature is 3°C above average.
  3. The skin will be warm in to touch in a fever.
  4. With rising body temperature, the respiratory rate also increases. Higher body temperature also leads to a faster rate of water loss. It can cause dehydration if not corrected.

Infants or young children who have a fever may also experience:

  • Refusal to eat, drink, or breastfeed
  • Greater irritability than usual
  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Paleness


It is excellent to have a thermometer in-home, especially when you have children in the house.

You can choose between different digital thermometer as per your budget and requirement. Avoid using a mercury thermometer as a lot of health hazards are associated with it.

Using the apps provides you with additional benefits of monitoring health all the time. Most of the apps allow you to keep the logs and history of temperature. This feature is handy when visiting the doctor.

Which thermometer app did you found most useful? Do share your thoughts with us through the comments section below. We will love to hear from you.