Best twerk apps for iOS and Android

Best twerk apps for android and ios

Twerking is a kind of dance style in which you have to move your hips. Twerking is now in trend, and everyone is doing it. You might have seen many singers like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, etc. doing it on the video songs and live shows. And some of them are enjoyable too.

So, If you are looking for the best twerk apps which can help you to learn some new moves and get some info about them, then here we have some great apps for you.

List of Best Twerk Apps for Android and iOS

1. Twerk Meter

twerk meterThis twerk app might be the only one in his kind and is actually useful and fun. If you want to know how good are at twerking then this help can help you.

Initially, it may seem silly but can be useful if you want to calculate your results in numbers.

Twerk meter uses your smartphone’s sensors to calculate the movements of your body and show you results according to that.

All you need is to start a new game and put your smartphone in your hip pocket and then twerk. The longer you twerk the higher your score will be.

There is a speed mode too which can tell you how fast you are twerking. You can also challenge your friends and see who is better at twerking.

Android iOS

2. AllStar Twerkers

allstar twerker best twerk appThis amazing game is for the true twerking fans. This is a rhythm-based game where you make character twerk.

You choose your character from many different options and twerk your way to the top! Each character has his or her special moves and voice, so you won’t get bored from twerking. Many different locations are also available.

As you progress, you take new levels with unique music and pacing. Even if you already know how to twerk, you are going to enjoy this hilarious twerking game.

Rated one of the best games on our twerking apps list and on google play store too. The game goes for both platforms.

Android iOS

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3. Twerk Me

twerk meThis app is much more fun app rather than any twerk learning. Make twerking videos of anyone by just clicking the picture of the person. This crazy app for iPhone and iPad will make really funny videos of twerking of your loved ones.

Take a photo of yourself, your friend, kid, boss or even a pet and put it on your the body of your twerking character (there are really many of them). Now make a video that you and your friends will never forget.

You can choose a song as well and much more songs are available on in-app purchases. Even if you are the most serious person in the world, this game will make you smile and cheer you up.

Don’t you think that life is a little bit easier if you are able to laugh at yourself?


4. Hot Twerk Video 2019

twerk videoIf you are bored with the apps of animated girls twerking in front of you, then here’s something new for you.

It is a library of the hottest twerk videos (yes, there are videos all from YouTube, but who cares?). With this app, you will always enjoy cute girls twerking to any kind of music.

I know this is not the best place to watch the videos but you can give it a try. The app is updated every week with new videos, so just enjoy!


5. How to Twerk

how to twerk beginners best twerk appsMaybe you don’t like watching young ladies twerking, you are a hot girl (or a hot boy) and want to master at twerking yourself? If so, this app is for you.

Here you can find anything for your twerking practice, from video lessons to useful articles on how to organize your training and do the exercises correctly.

What’s more, the app provides you with the news from the twerking world about all the competitions and battles that take place.


6. Tappy Twerk 3D

tappy twerk 3dYes, It’s a twerk simulator. For those who can’t get enough twerking in their lives, you can try this app to have fun. Control your character’s (male or female) hips, shake them and get… coins.

In this game, you need coins to beat your record. You are gonna love this game because it is the opposite of adequate but still fun.

The game has very realistic hip’s graphics and a good choice of twerking music. The game is extremely addictive, you won’t believe until you try it.


7. Twerk with Rebusatte

Twerk with RebusatteThis application has the tutorial videos which will help you in learning how to twerk. Rebusatte Lera has choreographed majority of the videos.

There is an easy step by step procedures in each video and with different levels. If anything mentioned above was not helpful for you, then you should try this one.


8. Twerk with Shoshina

twerk with shoshinaThis app contains the video tutorials on learning how to twerk choreographed by Katherina Shoshina. It has categories for different techniques.

Tutorials with different music are present in the app as according to the developers. You can purchase the app by spending a little amount on the App Store.


9. Videos Twerk

videos twerkVideos Twerk app also have video tutorials with latest updates. You can watch videos and learn the steps of doing twerk.

The app is entirely free of cost and currently is only available to Android devices. The app is not that much attractive to users, but it might be helpful for you if nothing has helped you so far.


That’s all for the best twerk apps. If you have any better suggestions or any queries then let us know through the comments section below.