How to Auto Skip Ads on Youtube Without Root Android

How to skip youtube ads without no root android

The length of ads on youtube videos has increased drastically from the last few years. Ads on videos are sometimes even more than 30 minutes. Apart from that Youtube has also started to show multiple ads one after another. This might be helpful for Youtube and Creator but as an audience, this is really frustrating.

This article includes step by step method by which you can at least be able to auto skip ads which are skippable. Along with that the sound of ads will also get muted and could be a little bit annoying.

This guide is especially for devices that don’t have root access. These devices don’t have permissions to make changes out of Operating systems scope.

You don’t require any technical knowledge about the application. No root is required for this process nor any external device is required.

How to Auto Skip Ads on Youtube Without Root Android

This app automatically skips the ads appearing on your youtube official app. You can follow below-mentioned video for step by step guide.

You don’t even have to look at the screen to skip these apps. The only limitation of this app is that you can only skip ads that are skippable.

Step 1. Install the XDA App on your Android device from the link below.

Download XDA

Download XDA

Step 2. After installation, download the full version of the app from XDA labs website.


Step 3. Open the app and create an account if you don’t have already one.

Step 4. Now search the word Adskip on the apps tab.

how to skip ads on youtube android

Step 5. Click on the app and wait for it to install.

auto skip ads on Youtube

Step 6. After that open the app and allow access to accessibility features so that it could be able to click on that skip button.


Step 7. That it! Now open the Official Youtube app and play any video which was previously showing ads to you.

skip ads

These ads will now be skipped automatically and you must be now watching your video directly.

If you require to completely skip the Youtube ads then you can always have the root option. If you have any other queries or suggestions then do let us know through the comments section below.