How to install Resurrection remix note 3 without any error

Resurrection remix note 3

This post includes the Resurrection remix note 3 (Kenzo) installation procedure. I have also mentioned features which I liked about the ROM and which I didn’t.

This guide is also helpful if you are upgrading from RR 5.8.5 (Nougat) to RR-6.0.0 (Oreo).

The details related to the ROM are as follows.

  • ROM: Resurrection Remix 6.0.0
  • Android Version: 8.1 (Android Oreo)
  • Update: 10/05/2018 (Latest)
  • Device: Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm Snapdragon, Hexacore processor)(KENZO)

Resurrection remix note 3 appsnotification

So let’s begin installing the ROM. Following things are required for successful installation of ROM.

  1. Download the ROM.
  2. Get the latest GApps.
  3. A pre-rooted Kenzo device (Rooting is not described in this post).
  4. Any custom recovery app (preinstalled on your device, preferably TWRP).
  5. Wifi connection for post-installation process.
Follow these steps.
1. Download the ROM and Gapps.

You can download the latest version of Resurrection Remix 6.0.0 (Oreo-based) from the official XDA thread or you can visit the site directly by clicking the link below. Download the Kate/Kenzo version only. I have tested the ROM on Kenzo device but I am pretty sure It will be same for Kate too. Gapps download link is also given below. Kindly download the full the version which is compatible to your device i.e. Gapps for 8.1 with arm64 architecture.

Download RR-6.0.0

Download Gapps-arm64 for (Android 8.1)

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2. Boot into your custom recovery.

Boot into your custom recovery and flash the image. Before flashing the image take a complete Nandroid backup of all partitions on your device. I have seen some cases in which IMEI number get deleted accidentally and then it becomes really painful to get it back. So, before performing anything, take backup and keep it somewhere safe.

Advance wipe following partitions: System, data, cache, Dalvik/ART cache (NOT internal / USB)

3. Resolve ERROR-7

You might get error-7 which says “The device is not Kenzo/Kate. This ROM is for .” To resolve this issue you need to make some changes in the script files of the ROM. I have included the video which may help you to get a better guide.

Path to change file : META-INF/com/google/android/

Filename: updater-script

It basically removes the check which validates that ROM is being installed in a correct Device. Make changes to this script file if your device is the same as described at the beginning of the post.

So, Now you have installed successfully the new RR-6.0 you can follow this post to install the best-rooted apps for android.

  1. Latest Android Build.
  2. Clean and interesting UI
  3. The notification area is compact as compared to the previous RR-5.8
  4. The extended desktop feature was there where you can use few apps over the other like, youtube, chrome etc.
  5. And many more…



ROM drains the battery at a really high rate.

This was the only disadvantage I found with this ROM after using it for around a week. After installing this ROM the battery drains a very high rate as compared to my previous RR-5.8.5 (Nougat). So, this reason was pretty enough for me to switch back to previous Nougat ROM.

Battery image

battery image2








So, that’s all for the current Oreo ROM. I will upgrade to latest ROM as soon as the new updated version comes out with less battery¬†consumption.

If you have any queries let us know in the comment section.