Root Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo) – Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader

In this post, I am going to tell you about how can you root Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo) and unlock the bootloader of the similar Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi have done a great job in protecting the bootloader information. I have formatted my phone with a stable global image with Mi-flash tool, but even after that, it was able to detect my phones information, i.e. this phone is linked to some Mi-account. So, to completely unlock the bootloader you have to somehow need their help( or don’t if you are a hacker).

** This procedure can also be used to unlock any other Xiaomi device as the process is the same. I later Installed the Resurrection Remix OS (Nougat) on my machine (All working great.)**

  1. Windows PC (64 bit)
  2. Xiomi devise with data cable
  3. Mi-Flash Tool
  4. Global Stable Image for your device(In case you want to install that).
  5. Patience(I mean it).

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Procedure to Root Redmi Note 3

First of all, you need to get permission for your account to unlock your device. You must have a good reason to tell them to get rooting permission. You can try this text which I have used- ” Phone is bricked and is in Boot-loop. Help“. I received approval for my account in 10 minutes(sometimes may take hours).

Now open the developer’s option and turn on the “OEM unlock” and “USB debugging”. Now go on to device status and bind your account and device. If it’s successful, then continue to unlock your bootloader with the mi-unlock tool, if not then remove the device from Xiaomi account( and after complete factory reset relink your device with the Xiaomi account and check that your device is online after successful linking.

After that, you have to do the most challenging job that is to “WAIT”.

I have waited ten days, after which I was finally able to unlock my bootloader. But it may take longer for others. So now you have two options.

  1. Not listening to me and just ignoring this whole scenario. You can try to unlock the bootloader by other methods out there. I am providing the most feasible methods out there on XDA site so that you don’t have to search here and there on the internet.

Temporary unlock Bootloader (But won’t be able to install custom ROM)

Install Custom Image(Pre-rooted)

2. Coming back right here after few days to check what the hell we have to do next.

Now after this whole permission thing, keep trying to unlock your device from your Windows PC using mi-unlock tool. Now you don’t have to get successful permission on the device to bind your account and mobile. Just keep trying to unlock it from the PC.

root redmi note 3

Now after unlocking the device: follow the guide on custom recovery very carefully.

This above guide has everything and every step you need to install the custom OS on your device. Enjoy the new ROM. I have already mentioned a way of installing RR Nougat on Kenzo, but now you can install the Official version of ROM for Pie also.

Thanks for reading. If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know through the comments section below.