Secret Apps to Hide Sizzling Photos – Calculator App that Hides Pictures

Are you looking for a calculator app that hides pictures on your smartphone? Have you ever given your smartphone to someone and hoped that they would not look in the image gallery? Maybe they will find your nude selfies.

What about those pictures of you posing in front of the mirror? The moment you are showing your vacation pics to your family and suddenly the embarrassing glimpse of the naked selfie.

If you want to be safe the rule of thumb is to delete them. But if you don’t want to delete, then this is the post for you. Password protecting your image gallery to photo editing vaults, here are the best apps available in the store where you can safely store your sexiest photos.

List of Secret apps to hide sizzling photos | Calculator app that hides pictures

1. Smart Hide Calculator (Android)

calculator app that hides picturesSmart Hide Calculator is one of the most clever apps for protecting your private photos. Smart Hide Calculator is a fully functional calculator with a little twist. Once you enter your secret password, the fully functional calculator will transform into a file manager where you can hide, unhide pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in sd card and if you have root access, you can also hide and unhide apps. Everyone will think it’s an innocent calculator. You can also hide it from recent apps as well.

The premium version is available at $1.12 which is ad-free and may contain extra features in future.

Smart hide for Android

2. KeepSafe Photo Vault (Android + iOS)

hide picturesIf you’re looking for a simple app that secures photos and videos using PIN protection, military-grade encryption, and fingerprint authentication. Just type your PIN  and import photos or videos in the app, make sure to you erase since the app does not automatically delete them.

KeepSafe is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can upgrade to premium version in the app settings for bonus features fake PIN, break in alerts and customised passwords.

Keepsafe for iOS

Keepsafe for Android

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3. Gallery Lock Lite (Android)

hide videosGallery Lock Lite have  “Stealth Mode,” in which it doesn’t appear on your phone app store. If you enable this feature, you can open the app by typing in an asterisk, your password and pressing “Call.” It also has a Watchdog feature which takes the photo(s)  of an attacker from the front camera after three failed password attempts. You can share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.

The free version lets you hide a limited number of photos and includes ads too. You can upgrade to paid version for $4.25  at the Google Play store.

Gallery Lock for Android

4. Vaulty (Android) 

VaultyVaulty can hide your photos and as well as videos. Simply open Vaulty, tap the lock icon at the top then tap on the album and it’s done. With password protected gallery you can edit your photos, filter your files, create the different password for the separate vault. Like other apps has “mugshot” feature, with which it snaps a photo of anyone who enters the incorrect password.

If you lost your phone and have a subscription with Vaulty, you can easily restore your vault and recover your hidden photos. As it makes the backup of photos and videos online of paid users.

Vaulty for Android

5. Photo Vault (Android)

Photo VaultPhoto Vault is specifically designed for hiding photos, it provides two galleries one is public and other is private.

The Private gallery is password-protected in which you can hide your photos, and the Public gallery can be accessible to anyone on your phone. You can choose to set the app to open in Public mode, so it appears to be like any other photo app.Photo Vault only have a paid version which cost $1.50.

Photo vault for Android

Share your experience with these apps and if you have any queries then let us know from the comments section below.