9 Best split bill calculator apps to manage expenses without headache

split bill calculator app android iphone

We all know how painful it can be to manage expenses on a notepad. Whether you are calculating costs after a party or weekend trip, these split bill calculator apps can help you to control the costs.

All you have to do is just enter the amount spend, no of persons involved and these apps will show you who owns how much amount and whom it must be paid.

You can split food bills, rent bills, utility bills and can calculate tips to which you can give in equal shares.

If you don’t want an app, you can use below-mentioned online links, to calculate the expenses for one time and without any records.

Part 1: Split bill calculator – Online

1. KittySplit

KittySplit is the most comfortable and most user-friendly split bill calculator for you. Create an online group (Kitty) and add all your expenses.

In the end, it will show you total expenses and who owns what. You can share the links with other participants from where they can also manage costs on the same Kitty.

Visit KittySplit

2. Billzer

Billzer is also an excellent option for splitting bills online. It’s just like KittySplit online calculator. Add your expenses, and it will calculate the shares for you.

Visit Billzer

3. Travel Calculator from Splitwise

Splitwise has one another calculator for you and your friends trip on last weekend. Add the total amount spent on the trip and on which day which person was included in the journey. Travel calculator will handle the rest.

You can share the expenses with other users too with the shareable link.

Visit Travel Calculator

Part 2: Split bill calculator apps – Android & iOS

1. Splitwise

Splitwise Split bill CalculatorSplitwise is the best split bill calculator app for your iPhone and Android. It is not only easy to use but offers unique features free of cost.

You can add, update, delete records either solo or within a group of friends. All your friends or devices will be in full synchronisation and can also perform the same operations.

You can split any bill like a utility, food, restaurant, etc. Choose from multiple payers and divide expenses based on the amount, ratio, or manually.

You can keep track of your costs, category wise (like shopping, food, etc.) on a monthly or weekly basis. It keeps all the previous records safe in case you want to find or update any entry.

You can settle up the Splitwise expenses directly or by sending the amount using Paypal from within the app also.

Android iOS

2. Settle Up

Settle upSettle Up is the best alternate to Splitwise and a great split bill calculator. You can split the restaurant or dinner bill quickly and effectively.

The app allows you to create groups of roommates, members of the family, or work colleagues to add expenses. Settle up has made rent splitting along with other costs flawless.

Settle up allows you to automate the process expenses addition by reading your messages. It is an excellent feature but can also be disabled if you have privacy concerns.

Android iOS

3. Splittr – Expense Splitting

SplittrSplitting checks and bills is easy with the Splittr app. Just like the other two apps in the list, it offers all those features too.

You can start adding expenses without creating an account. Who has to pay whom and how much is all available on a touch.

Splittr also offers different currencies to split your payments. You have to no more worry about costs even when you are travelling outside the country.

Android iOS

4. Plates by Splitwise

Plates by splitwise - food bill CalculatorPlates app is brought to you by the developers of Splitwise. You can easily manage the food bill and expenses on a dinner table or at buffets.

Add the number of people on a table and add the cost to a particular plate. Keep adding the amount and Plates will show you the total amount owed by each person at the end.

You can also combine the amount paid by two plates into one. It is a beneficial feature when a few of the people in a group are together. Unfortunately, the app is yet only available for iOS devices.


5. Tip N Split – Tip Calculator

Tip N Split - Tip CalculatorTip N Split has a unique feature of adding the tip to the total bill. You can enter the tip percentage amount on the splitting screen.

It has a simple interface to select the people, among which the amount has to be divided. You can even round off the amount to the nearest number to avoid the issue of change.


6. Receipt Ninja

Receipt ninjaReceipt ninja is more of an invoices record-keeping app rather than splitting app. But it does the splitting job for us too. You can calculate expenses and tip amount and keep a record related to each person.

You can split the food bill easily and send invoice receipt to diners by email, SMS, Dropbox or Google Drive.



The perfect app for breaking the expenses may vary depending upon your need but, Splitwise and Settle Up can fulfil the requirements for most of the users.

If you are dining with a group of friends, then Plate by Splitwise is the best option for you.

Most of these apps are available free to download with some ads, but you can purchase premium for a nominal fee.

Which app are you using to manage expenses? Share your thoughts with us from the comments section below.