Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android & iOS

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android iOS

Does ghost exist among us? Some claim that they have experienced paranormal activity or met spirits in real life. While others don’t believe in such things as there is no scientific proof for that till now.

Many scientists are still trying to find that whether ghosts are real or not. I am not an expert in this topic, but here we have included a few of the apps which might mimic a perfect environment and can make you believe that ghosts do exist.

Generally, scientific instruments can observe any minute abnormal activity in the paranormal area. These instruments can measure changes in the form of temperature, sound, humidity, light, magnetic effect etc.

These apps will also try to detect such changes using your smartphone’s hardware. They do not guarantee any existence of paranormal creatures, but it is fun to use these apps. We would love to hear from your experience of using these apps. Let us know either by the comments section below or through the contact form.

Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android and iOS

1. Ghost Detector Radar Camera (Android + iOS)

Best Ghost Hunting Apps android ios ghostdetector radar camera

This app uses the camera to find the ghosts. Just walk around in suspected area and app will let you know once it finds something.

You can ask questions to ghost through the app. You can ask any questions and spirit will answer accordingly.

App has short horror stories to read, in case you get bored or didn’t find any ghosts. There are lots of ads in the app which you can remove by paying just $0.99.

Android iOS

2. Ghost Hunter M2 (iOS)

Ghost Hunter M2

This app has more than eight tools which will help you to analyze the spiritual activity around you. From voice detection to image filtering, the app will keep you quite busy, and you may want to check your closet with this one.

It does offer the most features, including an audio detection instrument, a gyroscope instrument, EMF and EVP instruments, and a lux-scope.

That’s far more than the average ghost-hunting app provides, and at $0.99, it’s a real deal in the paranormal community.


3. iEMF+ (iOS)

iEMF+ top paranormal app for andoid and iOS

iEMF+ is an Electro-Magnetic Field Detector/Simulator for iPhone or other iOS devices. It can record and analyze the electromagnetic field, which is quite high near the paranormal activities.

Like many other ghost hunting apps, it detects the electromagnetic field’s strength in different units.

I have used this app, and it personally took me to places like the kitchen and closets. It’s not sure whether they point you to dark spots or specifically to kitchens and wardrobes. You can try your luck, and you might also find something under your bed.


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4. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector (Android + iOS)

Ghost Sensor

This app is straightforward to understand. It just features a needle that shifts to the right when it detects a robust otherworldly presence. You honestly don’t even have to be able to read to use this app.

It will allegedly inform you when a presence is positive or negative. Of course, it won’t be able to help you destroy or communicate with that spirit. You can unlock more features from the in-app purchase option.

Android iOS

5. Ghost Detect Pro (iOS)

Ghost Detect Pro

Ghost detect pro provides better visual displays of data than other apps in its genre, which matters more than you think.

The app also provides a ghost photo auto-capture mode, that allows you to detect ghosts better and record them. You can then share the photos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Ghost Detector has all the sensors that other apps in this list offer. They claim to detect even a small change in your surroundings. The ghosts will also “speak” to you in a nonunderstandable language. Download the app from the link below.


6. Ghosthunting Toolkit (iOS)

ghosthunting toolkit

Ghosthunting Toolkit is the most expensive app on our list, which costs up to $5.99. It uses the EMF Detector to measure electromagnetic field strength on three axes.

They claim the app doesn’t show false reading for fun only, which is quite excellent in my opinion. This paranormal app gives both pros and hobbyists the essentials for investigating the paranormal activities.

It offers a full array of features for carrying out a fully-fledged investigation. This app provides you with a very unique and distinguishes interface.

It has five tools to identify the spirits or ghosts. Coax entities into revealing their manifestation strength with the “Power Detector”. A night-vision mode converts the screen to red tones to help preserve night vision during “lights out” investigations.

So, I wouldn’t recommend spending $5.99 on this app, but your money is your money. If you still want to test the app, you can download the app from below link.


7. Ghost-o-meter (iOS)

Ghost-o-meter ghost detector app android ios

Ghost-o-meter has a meter which can detect ghosts. Meter will move to the right if it captures anything paranormal.

As Ghost-O-Meter detects paranormal activity, the needle will move and vibrate. If the ghost readings are strong enough, the light will glow brightly. If you find a ghost, the counter will increase to indicate a successful ghost encounter.

It also contains information related to paranormal stuff. You can access the full feature of the app using in-app purchase option within the app.


All the apps are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee (or deny) the existence of ghosts or paranormal activity. Every app mentioned in the list has such a disclaimer in its app description. So, believing in ghosts is your call.

That’s all for Ghost hunting apps or paranormal apps. Let us know which app was most helpful for you. If you have any queries, do let us know through the comment section below.