Best Private Browser – iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux 2019

private browser for android ios

We know how much everyone cares about his privacy. In this modern world in which breaching of privacy of smartphones and computers are becoming more frequent than ever before.

That’s why we have brought you the best private browsers to protect your privacy and have listed down the best features among them.

So, just install one of these apps and you can keep your stuff much more private and secure.

Before jumping right into the browser’s discussion, I would like to explain different terms related to this article, which are important to understand.


Privacy is a very broad term which is used in context to protect sensitive and private data, communications, and preferences. But in this context, it means that security of your sensitive data (your browsing data). Here only you and your ISP (Internet service provider)  have access to your browsing data.


Security means keeping your data secured from unauthorized access. In this case, the outside world is not able to access your data and is kept safe and secure.


This means only you know what you are accessing and no one else does. Here no one can track your information, location, etc from the outside world. You are completely anonymous to the outside world.

You can have excellent security with zero privacy. But if need privacy, you must have security along with it. So, privacy and security both go hand in hand. Now directly moving to the list.

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List of best private browser-iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux

1. Firefox

best private browserThis is the best browser which can be used for your privacy protection. Your ISP and only you will be able to access the information which you are browsing.

Firefox has a very simple design and is basically famous for its simplicity and speed. Firefox is one of the fastest browsers with an excellent startup and page load time.

You can easily customize your browser with a lot extension mostly available for free of cost.For more privacy or security in Firefox, you can use this custom user.js file. Developers are still contributing to its development and you can get the file and instructions from Github. You can download the browser from the links below.

iPhone Android Windows/Linux

2. Brave Browser

Brave BrowserBrave is one of the new in the browsers fields, but it is a great browser. I have used it for weeks and didn’t have a single complaint about it. Most of the required features are preinstalled in this browser and you don’t have to download plugins for it.

On the first impression, it has a very simple and clean look with date and time on the home page. It does looks much look like Safari browser but is totally different in features.

The brave browser is preinstalled with the plugins like ad blocker (really excellent), supports fingerprint protect and full cookies control with a single click. It also supports inbuild torrent handling manager also which can download torrent right within the browser.

You can see all the statistics which browser is handling you right from the home page. It’s a very simple and easy to use and If you haven’t tried it yet, I’ll say you must give it a shot. Download it from links below.

iPhone Android Windows/Linux

3. TOR Browser

torIf you’re looking for the totally anonymous browser then this is the one you should be using. This is a bundle which will make you anonymous to an extent which other browsers can’t achieve.

It prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked. Unfortunately, there is no official app available for iOS and is only available for Android or Windows/Linux platforms.

Android Windows/Linux

4. Maxthon

maxthon browserMaxthon is also one of the great and new browsers in this industry with different features. It’s very much compatible with your different needs in different scenarios.

Maxthon does better in the compatibility because of its dual-core mode. As is well known, IE is of Trident engine, and Chrome of Webkit, but Maxthon is of dual-core, which means that Maxthon users could switch to Webkit engine when they want faster browsing experience, and could also switch to Trident engine when they are using online banks and need better compatibility. Maxthon solved the conflicts between compatibility and speed.

iPhone Android Windows/Linux

5. Chromium

chromiumCasual internet user this might not make a huge difference but for developers and geeks who love chrome but annoyed by Google’s tracking then they can take the source code of Chromium, compile it and use it however they want.

If you use Chromium with No Sync and No Widevine, then it does not any send data to Google. For casual internet user, this might not make a huge difference but for developers and geeks who love chrome but annoyed by Google’s tracking then they can take the source code of Chromium, compile it and use it however they want.

Chrome is based on Chromium open source project and there is no mobile application for iOS devices and is still in the development phase for Android. But you can still download it on your Desktop devices like Windows/Linux from the link given below. Download the stable version(one in the green colors) according to your OS.

Android / Windows / Linux

Thank You for reading the article. If you have any queries then let us know from the comments section below.