12 Best Stretching apps for Android and iOS

best stretching apps for android and ios runner dancer

Stretching exercises improve your flexibility which makes your body less susceptible to traumas.

Stretching every day may not be the exciting part for you but it is important for overall fitness.

This can help you in improving your body flexibility and reducing tightness. In addition to that, they boost your health and overall well-being.

In this post, we have covered the best stretching apps that will help you to stretch your body parts in the right way. These apps will help you to make stretching exercises a part of your daily routine.

 So let’s check out the best stretching apps for Android and iOS available in the market.

Best Stretching apps for Android & iOS

1. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

SworkitSworkit is a full package for stretching lovers out there one of the best and free stretching apps for Android and iOS users.

It comes with up to 100 of workouts and guides plans which helps you improve flexibility. One training last for 5 minutes suited for who have less time.

sworkit best stretching app for androidFull body stretch, head to toe stretch and Pilates are the three training provided. You can also create custom training. So it’s like a full trainer for you. It would be a good option if you want to try something new.

Android iOS

2. Stretching & Flexibility

stretching and flexibilityStretching & Flexibility is one of the popular stretching apps which provides you with up to 65 exercises targeting all body parts.

Either choose from 4 unique workout programs ( Full body Stretching, Upper body Stretching, Lower body Stretching, Back Stretching & Release ) or build your own workout with custom workouts.

stretching and flexibilityChoose exercises, duration, rest intervals and challenge yourself with your own training. It has free as well as paid version. Build your own workout with custom workouts.


3. StretchIt

StretchItStretchIt is a doped app for all types of performers includes pilates, dance, gymnastics techniques and has a huge collection of stretching and flexibility videos.

It has over 40 hours of video which are divided by length: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes.

stretchit best stretching app for androidBesides this, there is a 30-day free training program. You can also track your progress with this app which helps in self-motivation.

Android iOS

4. Flexibility & Stretching

Flexibility & StretchingFlexibility & Stretching is another free stretching app will help you become as flexible as you need to be.

It helps you to improve blood flow, balance and coordination, posture, lengthen muscles, powerful stress-alleviating abilities.

Short video demonstration and audio guidelines are provided for all exercises along with it a preview for every exercise are also provided.

flexibility and stretchingAll the exercises are provided with audio guidelines and short video demonstrations.

Android iOS

5. Pilates

PilatesPilates is one of the best apps available for Android and iOS users both of which lets you be fit without any instructor.

You can strengthen your abdomen and pelvis with this and can also maintain a good body posture. It can help you in increasing the flexibility of your body.

pilatesYou just need to supplement with some other exercise for building up your calf muscles or arm. If you like yoga then you will be in love with this.

Android iOS

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6. RunnerStretch

runner stretchSimple but effective. Running can be dangerous. Recent studies show that one needs to be cautious with this type of training.

If you love running though, you should take a couple of measures to prevent traumas and feel better. One of such measures is doing warm-ups and cool-downs.

runnerstretchThis simple app is designed exactly for that. It gives you a number of warm-up and cool-down exercises provided with audio instructions. All you have to do is follow the lead.


7. Stretch Timer

Stretch TimerStretch timer is an app which lets you set your timer on your smartphone for different exercises.

This app will be useful if you are not a beginner. Set your time in the app and leave rest on this app. Focus on your stretching instead of checking time again and again.

stretch timerThe app is particularly designed for stretching but you can use it for different types of exercise as well.

Android iOS

8. 5 Minute Pilates

5 Minute PilatesIf you want quick and easy daily pilates workouts then this app is best suited for you.

It is best suited for all age group and ideal for beginners as well. Start your perfect day with quick workouts every session will take less than 5 minutes of time.

5 minute pilatesAll of the exercises are demonstrated with clear images and the timer function is also provided which ensures exercises are performed for the correct amount of time. Try it today and you be amazed at the results in 5 minutes a day.

Android iOS

9. Stretching Exercises Flexibility: The Stretch App

Stretching Exercises FlexibilityThis Android Stretch app is a great tool and suitable for everyone. Young and old alike, sportsmen and beginners, professionals and those who just want to stay healthy.

The app includes different daily routines to help you enter the game. Upon the whole, there are lots of exercises that are demonstrated in short videos and provided with short and concise descriptions of how to do them & why it is good for you.

stretching exercices and flexibilityThe Stretch App is a community app which means that you can find like-minded people with whom to share photos and useful information.

You can also read what others are writing in order to learn new information and become more knowledgeable about the topic of stretching.


10. Track Yoga

Track YogaRegular yoga practice can provide many benefits some of them lose weight, increases stretchability, flexibility, physical and mental health benefits.

Track Yoga is one of the best Yoga aapps. You can easily learn yoga from this app.

track yogaYou can take it as a personal yoga teacher. The best way you can motivate yourself by using this app by setting weekly goals. Try this app.

Android iOS

11. Pilates – Lumowell

stretching appPilates Lumowell is stretching app as well as the fitness app that let you do workouts to lose weight and tone your muscles at home.

It includes stretching routines and cools down routines that you can do after sets of exercise.

pilate lumowellAn app comes with a virtual trainer that will explain to you how to burn weight more efficiently and helps you do the exercise properly.

Android iOS

12. Start Stretching

start stretchingStart Stretching is for those who want to improve their physical flexibility.

It provides flexible training for anyone who can perform a few basic movements and have a desire to become more flexible.

start stretchingThe exercises in the app are not available in video format only demonstrated through images and text. You can choose how long wants to stretch. It is only available for iOS.


That’s all for the best stretching apps for Android and iOS. Let us know which apps are keeping you fit physically.

If you have any queries or suggestions then do let us know through the comment section below.


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