10 Best reminder app for iPhone free and paid 2018

best reminder app for iPhone

​Here is a complete list of best reminder app for iPhone, free and paid both. These apps will never let you slip anything out of your memory ever again. You can try from free as well as paid apps whichever suits you best and fits under your pocket.

1. List of Best reminder app for iPhone-Free

1.1. 24me Smart Personal Assistant

best reminder app for iPhoneApple awarded this app as best of App Store to manage your calendar, to-do list, notes and personal account. Its one place for all your calendars, tasks, notes and personal accounts. You can sync any calendar app like google calendar, Microsoft outlook, yahoo calendar etc. with this one. You can also use your voice to add tasks, notes or meetings. Provides a lot of customization of colors, font size, adding photos a and more.

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1.2. Any.do: To-Do List & Calendar

any doAwarded as “MUST HAVE APP” by New York Times. It has very clean and simple interface with powerful functionalities. Can sync reminders with your friends and family so that you’ll be able to do things together. You can use your voice to add entries just like other apps. This app is also available in pro version which gives you no. of themes, fully customizable reminders, location-based reminders pop-ups, unlimited file attachments and many more.

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1.3. Wunderlist

WunderlistThis has been featured in many magazines for many years. You can add, edit and schedule your to-dos from your phone, tablet or computer. You can use comments, notes, files or subtasks to add more details to your tasks. If you haven’t used it, I will suggest you give it a try and it will not disappoint you.

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1.4. Google Keep

Google KeepAdd, edit, capture or share your to-dos from any device and you can access them from multiple devices later. Its available for cross-platform and that’s the biggest advantage of using Google Keep. You can also use writing tools to quickly add any reminder. You can use photos, attachments and much more to make your reminder much more detailed.

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1.5. Tiny Calendar

Tiny CalendarIt is one of the smallest and simple reminder app in App Store. It works with both Google and iOS calendar. Supports events on iCloud, Exchange and other calendars. IT has eight standard views to display your work according to your choice. Like Google it also allows you to set reminders via push notifications, or email for all events.

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2. List of Best reminder app for iPhone-Paid

2.1. Things 3

Things 3This app has very beautiful and elegant design. It is one of the highest rated reminder apps on App Store. You can plan to add a reminder and assign the time to each of them. It will show your most important reminders right on your dashboard. You can find all your reminders of the current day under one roof. It also allows you to add to-dos with drag and drop feature. It’s fully integrated with all your iOS devices: Apple watch, Siri, Calenders, Quick action and more.

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2.2 Checkmark 2

Checkmark 2Its a very lightweight app and yet performs very powerful tasks. This app allows you to create reminders for your favorite locations in very simple steps. You can add reminders for home, work, gym etc. It can also help you create location groups to remind you about things as soon as you reach there. You can sort your reminders based on the distances also for easy management.

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2.3 Doo – Get Things Done

DooThis app has a really great interface and simple too. Easily add reminders with one tap and see all of them under upcoming tabs. It also adds small images in the bottom of the reminder for better understanding. You can add repetitions and other notes too. Also provides group reminders sharable along with your friends and families.

Download Doo

2.4. Due – Reminders and Timers

Due - Reminders & TimersThis app one of the easiest reminder app on App store. It provides all the features and is really a great reminder for iPhone users. This app initially doesn’t asks users to create an account to use the app and you can directly start using it. It has many more useful features like recurring reminders, egg timers, backup/restore and more.

Download Due

2.5. Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do ListsIt is one of the simple and useful apps. If you don’t want recurring reminders and location-based reminders you can use this app. Got simple interface with adding reminders and just get a notification on your screen whenever its time.


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