10 Best video downloader for iPhone 2018

video downloader for iphone

Choosing the best video downloader for iPhone can be a little difficult to decide. But here are the best apps that will do this job for you. Mostly all of them are reliable on video downloading websites like savefrom.net, onlinevideoconverter.com etc. but will do what you are looking for.

List of best video downloader for iPhone 2018

1. Documents by Readle

video downloader for iphoneDocuments by Readle is more than just a video downloader on your device. You can listen to music, read your favourite documents, can easily connect to all cloud services and much more. To download videos from this multipurpose app, Copy the URL of video which you want to download from any source. Now swipe the button present at the bottom right corner to the left. Enter one of the URLs( savefrom.net / onlinevideoconverter.com ) on the address bar and hit enter. On the site page, Enter the video URL which you have copied earlier to download. Now paste it inside the space provided to download. You will get multiple formats based on the website you choose. Hit download, and you will get your video. To get it on your gallery, click on the share button and click save button.

Download Documents by Readle

2. DManager Browser & Documents

DManager Browser & DocumentsDManager Browser & Documents is a private browser which will let you download videos too. A very lightweight app which is much like the Documents by the Readle app. You can download videos same as by visiting savefrom.net or onlinevideoconverter.com website and then adding you desired video link in the address. It also provides the feature of adding a passcode to the app so that you can keep your videos safe and secure. Add them to the gallery by sharing the video and then clicking the save button.

Download DManager

3. Browser and Documents Manager

Browser and Documents ManagerOne of the lightweight download managers with powerful functionalities. Supports pause, resume features and file name autocorrection too. It also supports the passcode feature. To download the desired video file, you have to follow the same steps as in other apps mentioned above. Download this app from the app store using the link below.

Download Browser and Documents Manager

4. MyMedi – File Manager

MyMedia - File ManagerThis app is more of a file manager, but it does our job. You can explore files using manager, play audio files, photo viewer and supports passcode feature too. The app is not accessible without passcode if accessed from the background or after unlocking the device. Its file manager also supports RAR and ZIP file handling. You can remove the ads too by purchasing the app.

Download MyMedi

5. DoDa+

DoDa+This a very small video downloader for iPhone device. It can easily download videos from your cloud storage with just a single tap. DoDa+ supports most of the video formats to play and hence can be downloaded too by using websites like savefrom.net or onlinevideocinverter.com. This app can easily convert your video to mp3 format with unlimited conversion support.

Download DoDa+

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6. حمِّل (Download)

DownloadThis is also a great application when you want to download a video or picture from the internet. This is also one of the highest user rated app on the app store. The screens might be visible in other language, but you can change them easily from the first page. You can create folders and manage your files inside them with ease. Supports multiple download feature and loading all of them in the background. It also supports night mode, merges videos/audios and many more features which you will love to experiment.

Download حمِّل (Download)

7. Cloud Video Player – Play Videos from Cloud

Cloud Video PlayerThe app supports video import from cloud storage like Dropbox, Google drives etc. and can import from Camera too. Can be safely locked using the passcode feature to avoid unwanted access. Supports Airplay and background play of video if you want to listen to music.

Download Cloud Video Player

8. QWE

QWESupports a browser which will let you visit download video downloading websites for any video. Just download through them, and you can easily download them to your device.

QWE supports Wi-Fi transfer and Passcode lock feature too.

Download QWE

9. Files – File Manager & Browser

Files - File Manager & BrowserFiles (formerly known as Downloads Lite) features a Web browser that lets you download your selected videos directly to your device. You can download using the same methods of using websites like savefrom.net or onlineconverter.com. The downloads can be managed easily from the download as in other apps.

Download Files-File Manager & Browser

10. DownloadMate – Music, Video, File Downloader & Manager

DownloadMateIf you are still not happy with the apps listed above, then you can try this paid app to download the videos. This app has a powerful download manager, audio player, video player, file manager and much more. This application supports all the features which above applications do and is thoroughly add free. Download this app from the link below at a nominal fee from the app store.

Download DownloadMate

Here numbering doesn’t mean ranking of the apps. I have not included the obsolete apps or the one which may become one after a few days (as Apple may remove them from the app store).

If you have any queries, then let us know through the comment section below.