8 Best call blocker app for iPhone 2019

best call blocker app for iphone

Are you receiving unwanted spam calls on your iPhone? Here are the best call blocker apps for your iPhone to block every spam calls and save your time. We have got you some hand-picked apps which will make your life much more comfortable.

These apps will block all those spammers and fake callers which doesn’t only annoys you but wastes your time.

We have included apps which are currently competing in the market for the best position and not the outdated ones.

List of the best call blocker app for iPhone

1. RoboKiller – Stop Spam Calls

RoboKillerRoboKiller currently offers the best services and is the best call blocker for your iPhone. Once you activate the service, it immediately starts blocking calls for you. This app also offers CallerID service to identify the caller. The CallerID is good, and it will show you users callerID before picking up the call.

It automatically blocks spams and robocalls by using its latest technology. The company claims to reduce the spam call by up to 90% in just 30 days.

Robocall can be configured to autoreply to spam calls, and later you can listen to that recording to check if its working or not.

This app is also available in the paid version which offers more options, and you can purchase it using in-app option.

It also provides outstanding customer care support. If you haven’t tried this app yet then I will suggest you must go for it, it won’t disappoint you.

Download RoboKiller

2. Truecaller

TruecallerTruecaller handles call blocking service very efficiently on almost every mobile platform. It offers to block unknown numbers and also shows its caller ID if found suspicious.

It collects information of callers all around the world and thus has a repository of more than 2 billion numbers. Truecaller is more of a number lookup app than a call blocker, although it does the latter work well.

It also filters the spam and also identifies unknown callers. But it only has one problem that it has too many annoying ads; otherwise, it’s all great. I have moved to this app at second just because I feel like its very irritating but that’s just me. You can give it a try if you haven’t used it yet.

Download Truecaller

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3. Numbo – Call Protect & Blocker

numbo best call blocker app for iphoneOne of the great apps for blocking calls on your iPhone which offers all the essential features for free.

It has a very clean and straightforward interface. It can quickly identify and block spam and unwanted calls. You can also add numbers manually in databases, and you will never have to worry about it again.

It also offers you to create your block list apart from its database access. You can even compare any missed calls from unknown numbers with the database list

Download Numbo

4. Hiya Caller ID and Block

Hiya Caller ID and BlockThis app offers the same basic features blocking contacts, spams and unknown callers like other apps.

This app is very accurate in analysing the numbers as it examines real-time calls of the registered users. If you once register then your call will also be analysed, so you don’t want to prefer this if you’re not comfortable with it.

It can also perform a reverse phone lookup on incoming calls to find out if it is spam, scam, malware, a virus threat, adware, or spyware.

Download Hiya

5. Call Blocker: Block spam calls

Call BlockerOne of the highest rated app on the App Store. Its also have features like call blocking, spam filtering and much more. This app initially shows ads for monetisation, but you can get rid of them after purchasing the complete version.

It can identify and block commercial calls or spam calls from telemarketers very efficiently. You will also get the latest and most updated information on telephone scams in the United States.

The paid version of this app also available which offers removed adds and you can access their all records without restriction.

Download Call Blocker

6. Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup

Mr. Number Call Block & LookupApp provides all the basic functions in a very simple and clean way. The free app offers all the major features like blocking number, caller ID, spam call identification etc.

You can upgrade your plans to get the enhanced services and better databases access.

With iOS Callkit Integration technology, you get notifications right on the screen about the spammers or fraudulent calls.

Download Mr. Number

7. AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call ProtectThis app automatically blocks potential fraud calls and will also warn you about suspected calls.

You can also manually add numbers in the block list. You can help in the identification and reporting of spam numbers or fraud calls.

You can get the paid subscription which will offer enhanced caller ID, Reverse no. Lookup and much more.

Download AT&T

8. Call Blocker™ – Block Spam

Block SpamA very simple and small size app on App store which will block numbers for you. It doesn’t automatically block the numbers form its own databases but from the list which you have added to the app.

Add the numbers from which you don’t want calls from future and it will the job for you.

Based on that list it decides which number to block and which doesn’t. It might not be the most suggested option but you can give it a try if nothing till now has worked for you.

Download Call Blocker™

Block A Number and Texts on iPhone without any app

If you don’t want to use external call blocker apps, there is a simple solution for iPhone to block calls and texts. Tap on Any number of the saved contact, go to the contact page, scroll down until you see block this caller. Alternatively, you can go to iOS Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Blocked Contacts > Add new Contact.

So, this is our list of the best call blocker app for iPhone. The list is based on the overall rating of user as well as product. Here numbers don’t define their rankings, they all got different features which you can choose according to your need and budget.

If you have any queries or suggestions then let us know through the comments section below. Do let us know the best call blocking app which have worked for you.


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