Best Blue Light Filter app for iPhone & iPad for better Sleep

blue light filter iphone

With our active lifestyle, we regularly came across the digital screens. These digital devices emit blue light which is similar to the light emitted by the sun during noon.

This light controls the emission of Melatonin which is responsible for triggering sleep during evenings. Exposure to this kind of light during the evening, from screens, causes the imbalance in the production of Melatonin which ultimately affects our sleep. This light may also create digital eye stress.

By using blue light filter apps, there is a decrease in the amount of blue light produced by screens. You can also use night shift option on iPhones or iPads which is now available on iOS with version 9.3 or newer.

How To Use Night Shift on iPhone

night shift in iphoneDevices which are running on the latest iOS versions (9.3 or newer) have an inbuilt feature for blue light filtering called Night Shift. Night Shift automatically adjusts the colour of your iOS device’s screens making it easier for your eyes. It uses the location of your device to improve the colour temperature of your screen, which is responsible for regulating our sleep cycle.

Blue light filter is an excellent feature for your iPhone devices, but if you are looking for an alternative or using an old iOS device, then we have great apps for you to try.

Below is the list of best blue light filter for iPhone or iOS devices with and without jailbreak.

Few apps specified below are not available on Appstore due to Apple policies. So, to use them you have to either install them manually or Jailbreak your device (which I don’t recommend).

Best Blue Light Filter iPhone|iOS with/without Jailbreak

1. Iris

Iris is one of the best options you have for using a custom blue light filter app on your iPhone. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to use it.

It’s not available on Appstore, but you can still download it on your device using iTunes. Using this app, you can easily control your devices screen brightness and colour temperature. It can also adjust the temperature according to your location and daylight. Iris works on all iPhones and iPads including really old phones like iPhone 3 with iOS6 also.

Download Iris

Follow the below instructions to install it on your iPhone.

1. Download the app from the above-provided link.

2. iTunes and Cydia Impactor can be downloaded using below links.

3. Open the Cydia impactor and drag the file you have downloaded in Step 1.

blue light filter iPhone

4. You have to enter your apple email id and password to digitally sign the application so that it will be installed on your device.




After the installation, you can use it on your device. You can read complete detailed instructions for Linux, Mac, Windows.

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2. Koala Browser – Sleep Better and Browse the Web

KoalaThis web browser will allow you to surf the internet with inbuilt blue light filter along with the browser. If you are running an old iOS version and doesn’t have night light feature along with OS, then you can use this app. It will work just like other browsers with night light enabled me to give relief to your eyes. You can also download the files and view it in a separate downloaded window. Download the app from the link below.

Download Koala Browser

3. F.lux (Requires Jailbreak)

blue light filter for pc

F.lux is also one of the best software out in the market for the blue light filter for jailbroken iPhones. You can install the app using the Cydia application. It provides adjustment of your screens temperature as according to daylight timing.

You can also configure it manually for a specific temperature. In automatic mode, it adjusts the temperature automatically according to your location. It increases the temperature smoothly so that you don’t feel any sudden changes. Click the link below to visit the official website.

Visit F.lux Website

That’s all for the twilight blue light filter for iPhone. If you have any queries or suggestions, then let us know through the comment section below.