Download Best web browser for iPhone for free in 2020

iPhone browsers

Are you looking for the best web browser for iPhone or iPad for free? Here is a list of alternate web browsers free of cost with a lot of fancy features you must try.

There is no ranking for any web browsers, and you can choose any application as according to your need.

Best web browser for iPhone for free

1. Google Chrome

Best web browser for iPhoneChrome is one of the most reputed web browsers for smartphones. The best thing you will experience with this browser is its Sync feature.

If you are using it on any other device, apart from iOS, it can synchronize all of your bookmarks, passwords, auto-fills into your iPhone.

Download Chrome

2. Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser

Sleipnir MobileIt is one of the smooth and fastest web browsers available in-app store. Sleipnir provides a lot of mobile gestures and a straightforward interface.

It also provides gestures to close, refresh, restores tabs, switching between tabs etc.

Provides AdBlock feature too just like Safari browser to avoid any more annoying ads.

Download Sleipnir Mobile

3. Smooz Browser

alternate to safareRated winner of 2016 best app in the app store. Works very smoothly and is one of the highest-rated apps on the app store.

You can hold links in the browser to automatically open in new tabs. Save user inputs and also provides support to save movies too (Linked to clip box). It also offers chat-based customer support for users.

Download Smooz Browser

4. Dolphin Web Browser

best iphone browsersThis browser provides a lot of powerful features and add-ons to increase productivity.

It offers tabbed browsing, and you can instantly share content with one click on the social network.

It provides gestures and full-screen mode, too for the best reading experience.

Download Dolphin Web Browser

5. Brave Browser

Brave BrowserIts a simple to use web-browser with an inbuilt adBlocking feature.

It can block annoying popups automatically and also provides features like data and battery optimization for your device.

Download Brave Browser

6. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy BrowserIt is a lightweight browser which protects your online privacy.

It allows you to control the information which you share with trackers on the website you visit. You can individually track and allow/block the individual tracker.

It also got the largest tracker database out there in the market.

Download Ghostery Privacy

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