9 Best Photo Frame Apps for iPhone

digital photo frame app for iphone

Photo frames are great tools for making your photos stand out from others with minimum changes. You can quickly add artistic effects with just a few clicks to your photos.

There are thousands of apps available on the market which you might have already used to capture beautiful images. But sometimes by just adding a frame to your image make it stand out from others. It’s not applicable for every picture every time, but it does make a few photos look extremely powerful.

So, Here we have sorted out apps which are specifically for frame editing only. Many similar apps which also offers excellent frames are included at the bottom of the list.

As you move to the bottom of the list, other apps with powerful editing combinations can also be found which are worth looking. Make your sweet memories unforgettable with these best digital photo frames apps for your iOS devices.

Best Photo Frame Apps for iOS

1. Framify ( iPhone + iPad, Free )

framify best photo frame appFramify is the best photo frame editor app you need to edit your photos. It stands out from others because of its rich frames and its beautiful traditional custom picture frames.

App has more than 2000 picture frames available to choose. Framify also provides basic editing features like cropping of images, adding text and even designing of your frames. Use these custom picture frames for framing pictures of your loved ones.

Even if you aren’t that great at technology, you can add magical effects to your images using more than 40 photo effect filters.

With the biggest selection of love photo frames, this is the ultimate choice for any best photo frame app for iPhone.

Download Framify

2. Image Frame ( iPhone, Free )

image frameImage Frame app has a unique feature of batch mode. It’s just like GIMP’s batch image manipulation feature in which you can apply the same changes to multiple images in a go.

You can decorate thousands of images within a matter of seconds. You can choose from 50 different fantastic artistic frames like Love frames, party frames, holiday frames, etc.

To apply batch changes, select the images that you want to frame, choose the desired frame design, choose the destination, and you’re done.

Several effects like Black&White, Sepia, Cartoon or Oil Painting, are available. This way you can give an artistic touch to your images. When combined with the beautiful frame design, your images collection will stand out.

Image Frame lets you export your framed images in all major formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF or BMP format. You can also resize your images to reduce their size on your device.

Download Image Frame

3. PicFrame ( iPhone + iPad, $2.99 )

picframePicFrame is also one of the best and fabulous photo frame apps for iPhone and iPad. Its a collage making app but also offers different tools of framing your picture. With the help of this app, you can combine multiple photos and videos into amazing looking frames.

You can also change the shape of your photos to a circle, heart, hexagon and more. PicFrame has more than 73 adjustable frames. You can combine up to 9 photos or videos in a single frame.

Easily apply effects, a color picker for the background of the frame, patterns for the frame’s background and much more. Text labels, rounded corners, photo effects, shapes, shadows, music and plenty of other features can also be used.

If you have a mobile picture printer, this app allows for easy sizing and editing along with multiple photos per sheet.

Download PicFrame

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4. Framatic Pro ( iPhone + iPad, $1.99 )

framatic proFramatic is also much like PicFrame which offers different frames for your pictures. If you want to combine your multiple photos into one attractive framed picture, then it’s just the app you need.

Create a fantastic photo frame collages quickly and easily on your iPhone and iPad. With the help of this photo frame maker app, you can arrange your pics into frames, change the shape and size of the frame, shake and randomly generate a framed picture, etc.

Framatic Pro also auto-save your edited projects and let you resume editing, anytime. This iPhone editing app has more than 36 flexible layouts & vintage Instagram alike borders.

It has than 90 fantastic effects to apply individual photo, more than 1,000,000 colors for background and much more. You can also make rounded corners on your photos. Use magic group or magic layout to create random frame combinations with random pictures.

Download Framatic

5. Frames – Photo Collage maker ( iPhone + iPad + iMessage, Free )

framesFrames is a fully adjustable photo collage maker app for iPhone and iPad. This app also offers to add different frames to your photos.

It has more than 300 adjustable frames, more than 100 PIP frames, high-resolution output, full-fledged photo editor and, much more. The app can autosave your changes so that you don’t lose your important changes.

With the help of the app, you can add labels to the photos and add the sticker to the images. You can also change the border color, border pattern and border width.

Download Frames

6. Photo Wonder ( iPhone, Free )

photo wonderPhoto Wander is also another app which can add a different type of frames and borders to your image. Its ability to add unique water reflection effect makes it stand out from others.

This photo editing app offers real-time effects, beautification, enhancement with cool effects and much more.

Edit your photo wall with the help of amazing and vibrant templates and fresh backgrounds. Different frames make your photos more interesting.

Download Photo Wonder

7. Photo collage: Collageable ( iPhone + iPad, free )

photo collageCollageable is a great app for making collages. But it also offers great tools and effects if you want to add frames to your images.

It has more than 100 beautiful frames for your photos. You can set a style, choose any color, resize grids, reshape borders and experiment as you want!

The Collageable app offers multiple frames for borders and for making collages. Download the app from the link below for your iOS devices.

Download Collageable

8. Collage Maker ( iPhone + iPad + iMessage, free )

collage makerCollage Maker app makes your photos more amazing and attractive. Have a very clean design with stickers, backgrounds, patterns, frames to beautify & decorate your photos and stories.

This photo frame app has more than 5000 easy-to-use layouts, well-designed templates, great POSTER layouts, etc. Have more than 780 photo frames so that you don’t have to repeat anyone.

App offers adjustable layouts & you can remix up to 16 photos within one frame. Beautify your photos into framed artwork with more than 500 creative photo borders. You can also create an amazing music video with magic video filters on your iPhone and iPad.

Download Collage Maker

9. iCollages Pro ( iPhone, $2.99 )

icollages proiCollages Pro is an advanced featured photo collage, layouts & frames maker apps for iPhone. The app lets you create your collages more attractive and stylish.

The iCollages pro app has more than 240 beautiful and fantastic photo collage frames. With these collage frames, you can make amazing collages quickly on your iPhone.

With the help of the collage aspect tool, you can adjust your collages according to your requirement. It also includes various styles of doodles, emoticons, quotes, photo borders, and text fonts. You can try this app to add different styles of photo frames to your photographs.

Download iCollages

I hope you have got your favorite frame and I am sure the image must be looking more stunning than ever before.

If you think there could be more, which must be included in this list, then do let us know from the comments and don’t forget to mention which app you liked the most and did your job perfectly.


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