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Looking for split bills app to split bills with your friends? These apps will not only split bills but have tons of feature to make splitting much easier. When you’re out along with your friends, splitting the check will get difficult. Apps provide splits according to share, a portion or a custom amount. It can help you splitting larger bills—like rent, utilities, and keeping your flat furnished toilet paper—can add even more complexness.

Take your pick and download them for less than $1 each (a tiny price to get not having to ask your friend for her share of the electric every month).

List of top Split bill calculator apps – Cost split apps

1. Splitwise (Android | iOS)

split bill calculator splitwise logoThis free app, available for iPhone and Android, is good if you’re often sharing expenses with somebody, like a friend.

Splitwise keeps a running total of who owes who what—from the last 3 grocery runs you created to the Friday happy hour that your friend sprung for.

I am personally using this app from more than a year now and trust me this is one of the best. It comes with great features that won’t disappoint you.

When you’re ready to pay up, an easy PayPal transfer is all it takes to settle your debts.

Splitwise for Android Splitwise for iOS

2. Settle Up (Android | iOS)

settle upSettle Up simplifies the task of calculating and dividing bills among individuals you hang with on an everyday basis. The app allows you to establish groups of roommates, members of the family or workplace colleagues to stay running tabs.

The iOS version of the Settle Up app costs 99 cents; the app for Android-powered devices is free.

Settle Up for Android Settle Up for iOS

3. MyCheck (Android)

mycheck logo

MyCheck allows you to calculate and pay your check right from your smartphone at participating establishments, no cash or credit card needed. It allows you to split the bill and also the tip equally right at the table. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app were available completely free. But now only Android version is available to download.

MyCheck for Android

4. Splittr – Expense Splitting (Android | iOS)

splittr2Split the Bill allows you to whip out your Android and split the bill among all the diners in your group. You can split the bill equally when it’s appropriate or calculate separate charges for a vast number of dinners.

Splittr also offers different currencies to split your expenses. You have to no more worry about expenses even when you are travelling outside the country. There’s additionally a help manual to help you sort out the instructions.

Splitr Android Splittr for iOS

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5. Tip N Split Tip Calculator (Android)

tip N splitTip N Split helps you to split the bill and calculate the tip for either 2 people or for a large group. Ever-changing the bill amount or bill proportion allows you to calculate the correct amount everyone should pay on the spot without complex adjustments.

Tip N Split for Android

6. Receipt Ninja (Android)

receiptninja logo

This handy app isn’t only for splitting the bill, however, does it just fine. you can calculate numerous types of expenses – as well as restaurant bills and bar tabs with friends and family.

Receipt Ninja allows you to split tabs equally or right down to the penny and share information with other diners by email, SMS, Dropbox or Google Drive. And you can’t beat the price – free!

Receipt Ninja for Android

7. Splittr – Split dinner bills at the table (iOS)

splittrIf you have an iPhone and like to eat with friends, you need to try this app. Splittr will calculate what everyone owes for their own entrées (since you know you don’t need to pay for someone else’s lobster when you enjoyed a salad) and split shared things, like appetizers and wine.

The app also will add in the tax and tip and even send a duplicate of the split bill to the rest of the group as a text or email.

This app has a little bit of different and unique interface which is quite fascinating.

Splittr for iOS

That’s all for the split bill calculator apps for your smartphone. Most of these apps are available free to download with some ads, but premium apps can also be purchased for a nominal fee.

Are you using something else to split bills among your friends or calculate expenses? Let us know about that great help from the comments section below.


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