7 Best Stud finder apps to find studs without spending a Dollar

Best stud finder app for android iphone free

There is no best stud finder app for your smartphone.

Then why have I written this article?

This article will help you to find metal objects inside the wall. The position of these metallic objects will give you an idea about the location of studs.

You cannot find wooden studs just by using an app on your smartphone. But you can try general methods, which will give you an idea about the location of studs.

If any other website is claiming to find studs just using your phone, it is fooling you, and you will end up having multiple holes in your wall.

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Franklin Sensors PROSENSOR 710+ stud finder is the best and ultimate tool if you regularly need to find studs or metallic objects. It is kind of self intuitive and very useful in finding studs. You can purchase it either online or from any local store.

Best Stud finder app for Android & iPhone

Calibrate your device: For the best results, you have to find the position of the magnetic sensor. To detect the location, move a strong magnet below your smartphone.

The point at which you get the maximum reading, using any of the below apps, is the location of the magnetic sensor. Use that point to detect metallic objects or studs.

1. Stud Detector

Stud Detector app freeStud Detector is the best stud finder app for Android. It is one of the most accurate and promising app apps for detecting the studs.

While using the app, just point your smartphone towards the wall. The red lights, as well as beeping sound, will start when something is detected. It has a straightforward interface.

One of the best things about this app is it shows the minimal false alarms. Like another app, the pointer doesn’t stick and doesn’t give a false reading. It is an outstanding stud finder app for Android devices.


2. Stud Find

Stud FindStud Find is just the same as the Stud Detector app mentioned above for Android users. It is the best stud finder app for iPhone users.

For an estimate, you can assume that once the meter reading reaches 60, it has detected the stud.

Move your phone over the wall to identify the metal nails inside the stud.

It uses your device’s magnetic sensor, which is usually present near the apple logo. You can calibrate your device using the method described at the starting of this section for the best results.


3. Stud Finder

best Stud Finder appStud finder app can also detect the metal objects in stud. This app shows magnetic readings based on the graph, meter, or sensor.

Once the reading reaches 60, it shows that stud is present at that location. On more than 100, it starts making a sound, which sounds like some kind of fire alarm.

The app is good but not the most reliable. It shows false readings sometimes, and meter gets stuck at some points. You can still use it as an alternative.


4. Metal Detector (from Alexandr)

metal detectorMetal Detector is an excellent metal detector and an excellent stud finder app for iPhone users. It is just like other metal detector apps with changes in the interface.

You can check the metal bolts inside stud using the magnetic detector on the screen.

Change the sensitivity of the metal object is not correctly detecting or if your walls are thick.

You can also change the vibration and sound functionality according to your needs. It is free of cost and now supports iOS 11 too.


5. Automate

automateAutomate is a multipurpose app that performs specific tasks based on certain conditions defined by you.

How is this helpful for you? Besides using a single app for each different operation, you can use this bundled app to detect magnetic fields.

You can create a task in which you can change your Androids flashlight when the magnetic field is changed.

Once the flow completes, it will glow flashlight on magnetic field detection. You can define the limit, so it can only shine when the magnetic field is greater than 60.

There are lots of tutorial on automating the task. Trust me; once you get the hang of it, It can automate tasks, apart from detecting metal, which you have not imagined. You can choose other automation apps, like Tasker (Paid), MacroDroid (Free), etc.


6. Toolbox

toolboxToolbox app is like the Automate app for iOS devices with limited functionalities. You can perform different measurement tasks like pressure, magnetic field, time, temperature, etc.

It has a compass, stopwatch, timer, surface level, protractor, and other options.

It can measure the magnetic field for you to detect the metal objects behind the wall—a convenient and multipurpose tool.

You can also use this app as flashlight apps to convert tour flashlights as a torch. Download the app from the link below.


7. Metal Detector (from Tudorel)

Metal Detector from TudorelMetal Detector can also find metal objects near your smartphone.

It has a meter, lights, and sensitivity option to change the sensitivity.

Once the metal object is detected, it will glow the lights placed just above the sensitivity.

You can find studs or metal holds behind your wall using the app. The app is entirely free to download.


General methods to find Studs in a wall

You can try these ways to find studs, but they may not always work as everyone has a different architecture of their homes. Try one of the above apps along with the methods mentioned below to reassure that Stud is correctly marked.

Method 1: Using a Magnet

  • Use a strong magnet like a neodymium magnet and rub it on the wall. You can also use a hard drive magnet, or any strong magnet will work.
  • Wrap it in some cloth to protect the wall from markings.
  • Rub the magnet until you find a nail.
  • Go straight up or down to see the second nail.
  • Now draw a straight line through them.
  • This marked line is your Stud from floor to ceiling.

Method 2: Based on your home structure

  • This method has little chances to find the Stud. If your house has built correctly, then the studs should be 16 inches apart.
  • It is just a general rule and not always right.


1. How to use the Stud finder app?

First, you have to calibrate your device and find the location of the magnetic sensor using the top of the article. Pointing this metallic sensor in the right direction will blink a light on a screen or will start making a beeping sound. Using the position of metal objects, you can find the location of studs.

2. Does the Stud finder app work?

Yes, they do work. But have limited functionality. You are the one who has to find the position of studs. These will only help you in finding the metallic objects inside wall studs. Using these objects, you get the idea about the studs


These stud finder app for Android & iPhone may not find studs directly. But can be used to detect the position of metal objects in studs.

These metal objects will help you to get an idea about the position of studs. This way, apps can be considered as wood stud finder apps.

In any situation, we cannot compare these apps with the physical stud finders. If you don’t want to spend money, and this is not regular, with little efforts you can find studs inside your wall.

I hope now you will be able to hang your favorite photos on the wall. If you have any suggestions or queries, then do let us know through the comments section below. We will love to hear from you.