10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux

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Linux operating is one of the most used operating systems around the world and its users are increasing day by day. Because of Linux’s customizability, small size and free of cost feature it’s becoming really popular for home and business users also. Here is a list of Reasons that will compel you to switch to Linux.

What is Linux?

Linux is a free open source OS, which means that the code is accessible for anyone to explore. The term “Linux” refers to only the kernel, or the core, of the code. However, folks usually use the name to speak concerning the total software package, together with the interface and bundled apps.

There is a bundle of distros of Linux. A number of the foremost well-known distros, that work very like the acquainted Windows or macOS in operation systems, include Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS, Ubuntu Mint and much more.

There are several reasons why UNIX/LINUX taught to be most well-liked over proprietary software platforms like Windows and Macintosh (Mac OS). But here, We are going to tell you the highest ten reasons to grant you the clear image about the benefits of using Linux.

Until a couple of years ago, Linux was used chiefly for servers and wasn’t thought of appropriate for desktops. However, its user interface and easy use have been steady up over the previous few years. Linux has nowadays become easy enough to interchange  Windows and Mac. it’s getting used by many thousands of individuals across the world.

Linux is adopted by home users, academic institutes and businesses. Here are the reasons why should you prefer Linux over other operating systems.

10 Reasons why you should switch to Linux OS

1. Security

switch to linux securityThe security aspect was considered in mind while developing Linux and it’s abundant less prone to viruses compared to Windows. Viruses, malware is the external entities in the world of Linux. With the constantly watch by its various viewers, Linux OS is arguably the foremost secure.

Windows need anti-virus and even with the presence of anti-virus, the windows OS is often prone to threats. The reason for this higher level of security is that since Linux is an open source operating system, the source code is obtainable for review. An enormous variety of developers in the world have tried and reviewed the code, which suggests that the majority of the failings have already been discovered.

2. Ease of use

Contrary to the final belief that the UNIX operating system is merely for geeks, it’s currently become easy and also includes a sensible graphical user interface (GUI). It has the majority of functionality that Windows has.

The GUI has developed to an extent that all of what typical users need is fulfilled by the Linux/Unix operating system. It’s as simple as it is done in Windows, while not knowing any commands. They also run out of the box and have GUI tools too.

3. Software Center

Most of the desktop Linux OS have their own ‘software Center’ or ‘software repository’.  You’ll be able to hunt for any application, libraries at one single place while not the requirement of Googling everywhere the internet for it. Moreover, the software system, therefore, put in system safe, compatible along with your OS and can be obtaining automatic updates.

4. Smoother Updating

Updates in Linux are super quick and straightforward. When updates are available, you get notified every time. You just simply make a click and all your system, applications, and security is updated. In distinction to windows, there’s no ought to stay up for the system to shut down that is typically time intense.

5. Drivers

Linux drivers are supported by the kernel and intrinsically one needn’t bear the cumbersome task of sorting out drivers. All that one has to do is to plug in the driver. Windows on the opposite hand don’t offer a simple approach to exploitation drivers. User requires to go look for the mandatory drivers which he requires to install.

6. Runs on any hardware

Linux runs on a variety of hardware, right from supercomputers to watches. You’ll be able to offer new life to your slow Windows system by installing a light-weight  Linux system. Most of the Linux operating system OS doesn’t need a heavyweight system. Thus, if your system is one amongst those 90’s or early 2000’s, there are many light-weight Linux operating system distributions. In different words, the hardware isn’t any constraint for the Linux operating system.

7. Free of cost

Linux is totally free and users don’t need to pay for something. All the essential software package needed by a typical user and even a complicated user are available. Dozens of the academic software package are available under Linux system. Even the equivalent of a skilled software package for publication. Hence, if you choose to switch to Linux, you save at least hundred bucks.

8. Open source

The most necessary aspect of Linux is that its source code is available in the market because it falls under the FOSS class (Free and Open source Software). The developer community edges from this as its members have the liberty to look at and modify the source code. That isn’t the case with the proprietary software system, that they will solely use.

Many countries are developing their own versions of UNIX. This can ultimately facilitate these countries in developing their own open source software. This can use for specialized or strategic areas like defense, communications, etc.

9. Education

This is the foremost helpful side for college kids, as they will use the software system to check however it works, before modifying and lengthening the code to suit their wants. This facilitate them to be told the internals of an OS and therefore the software system.

Thus this method can facilitate the development of recent software system and aid innovation supported native wants.

10. Community Support

Probably the most effective factor about Linux is that the Linux community. Therefore you may never feel alone in the Linux world. Excluding varied Linux how-to blogs, simply call any forum for any quite downside you’re facing together with your system, probably somebody can continuously attempt to assist you out. Such is that the support of the Linux community.

These are our top reasons for switching to Linux. If you have any queries then let us know through the comment section below.