12 Best Rainmeter themes – Top Rainmeter skins you will love to try.

rainmeter themes

Here are the best Rainmeter themes or top Rainmeter skins that you will love to try on your desktop. These are the best themes which I have tried myself and are really great. I have divided this post into two main parts for different users. Check out the themes from the list below and let us know your views from the comments section.

What is Rainmeter?

I am not going to explain the typical definition of the software. In simple terms, it’s a software that will change your desktop view with some really cool widgets. Different widgets come along with the theme. Wallpapers or different icons are also supported by a few of the themes.

It’s really pretty cool and easy to use. You can also monitor different your systems memory and different vitals using this software. Check out our best list of themes that you will love to use.

Best Evergreen Rainmeter Themes

1. Sea Theme

rainmeter themesOne of the great Rainmeter themes which can simulate seashore on your desktop. It contains Winamp player, iTunes player, Customizable Dock for Apps, Folders and Weblinks, Gmail, Weather, Date, Stats (Cpu, Net etc.).

I liked it because it was very clean and understandable layouts and widgets which look super cool when you are using it.

Sea Theme Download Wallpaper

2. Simple Media Theme

rainmeter_simple_mediaIt has customizations for Date/Time, Weather, Recycle Bin + Meter. Although it’s all basic, this little change will make your desktop more awesome than before.

I have personally used it and it looks great along with any motivational wallpaper and it really blends with the background. Download the theme and the wallpaper background from links below.

Simple Media Theme Wallpaper #1 Wallpaper #2 More Wallpaper

3. LIM!T Theme

lim_tThis theme has clean and simple widgets that will be great if you’re not looking for something messy. It has different skins for CPU temp, Date/Time, Music etc. It uses your IP address location for weather information.

LIM!T Theme

4. Ultralight Theme

ultralightLight as light. Its really simple and lightweight skin with only basic widgets that you need necessarily. You have Date/Time and launch icons for browser, file manager, music, games etc. Widgets are customizable as according to your preferences.

Ultralight Theme

5. Flat Blue Theme

flat_blue_themeGives you full customization to your gadgets widgets. It has Date/Time, Temperature, Volume, Weather, Wifi, Explorer, Visualizer, Music and much more. You will really love this as I did when I have used on my desktop.

I have also included the wallpaper of the default themes. You might find it initially in French language but you can change it from settings.

Flat Blue Theme Download Wallpaper#1

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Best Rainmeter Themes For Game/Movie Lovers

1. Avenger S.H.I.E.L.D.S Theme

avengersYou must have seen SHIELDS computers UI on the mothership on which Nick Fury used to work. This theme has tried to replicate that UI on your desktop. It has clocks, CPU/RAM/HDD monitor, Date/Time, Power Options, Volume control and much more. Also has a music player which open your music directly from the skin. Artwork with playback buttons is also available for better music control. Wallpaper can be found inside themes wallpaper folder i.e /Rainmeter/Skins/Avengers/@Resources/Wallpapers.

Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D.S Theme

2. Legacy: Minimalism Blue Theme

legacy_minimalismWe all loved the Tron movie and of course, the whole concept was really awesome. This theme has tried to make your desktop UI just like that.

It contains widgets for Date/Time, Weather, Launcher with 6 applications to launch, RSS feed etc. Download the skin for rainmeter from the link below.

Legacy Minimalism Blue Theme Download Another variant

3. Dead Space Skins Theme

dead_space_skinsThis is the skin for famous game Dead space. The theme has really awesome wallpaper which covers the half screen with the character. On another half other information like Date/Time, Temperature, Recycle Bin(EA icon) are included. Few more different customizations are made by the developer of the theme. Read complete changes from the link below.

Dead Space Skins Theme

4. World War Z Theme

world_warThis skin shows widgets for your drive space, Date/Time, Graphical view for CPU/Ram uses etc. The clock icon is made such that it will blend in with the name of the movie title.

You can customize more of the widgets as according to your choices.

World War Z Theme

5. Iron Man – Jarvis Theme

ironman_jarvis_themeProbably everyone wants an Artificial Intelligence like Jarvis as Iron man has. This skin will have different widgets and interface. Shows temperature, date/time, music playback options etc. Your desktop looks cool and similar to UI in the movie on which Iron used to work.

Iron Man-Jarvis Theme

6. Dark Creed Theme

dark_creed_by_livefoxThis skin has cool icons and wallpapers for Assassins creed effect. It will show you date/time, Calender, temperature, Recycle bin icon etc.

You can also change your start button icon to the Assassins creed’s logo. Overall theme looks good and feels good.

Dark Creed Theme

7. Green Lantern Theme

green_lantern_themeYou might have watched the Green Lantern movie and you know how famous Green lantern is in DC world. So, if you are a great fan of him, here is a simple theme that will charm you. It includes customizations related to date/time, weather, recycles bin and many more. There is a quick launch tab for your favorite apps too. Download the skin from the link given below.

Green Lantern Theme

That’s our best skins for rainmeter. If have any queries then let us know through the comments section below.