Fun Websites for Adults to visit when Bored

fun websites for adults when bored

The Internet is such a great place and is having a website for almost everything. There are many websites which you have never visited or heard of and can entertain you anytime. But finding these websites can be a tough task. NO WORRY! I have done it for you.

Here is the list of the best fun websites for adults that you can visit to kill some time. The menu has been categorized into different parts, as you might only be interested in sites that are fun for you.

Few cool websites will make you wonder – “Why someone has made this in the first place? And what purpose does it serves now?”. Feel free to bookmark this page to entertain whenever you are feeling bored, kill some time or explore new entertainment websites.

Fun Websites for Adults to kill your boredom

Try Something Newnew is always better

1. Oddee
Shares most bizarre content.
2. Chrome’s Dino Game FullScreen
Play the Google Chrome’s Dino game full screen.
Type in URL : chrome://dino
3. Mental Floss
Offers content on life’s most interesting questions.
4. College Humor
Most popular comedy website.
5. Giphy
Search engine for GIFs.
6. The Oatmeal
Popular humor website for quiz takers and comic lovers.
7. Buzzfeed
A popular website for popular and pointless things
8. Explosm
The website for comic lovers.
9. Hyperbole and a Half
Wonderful comedic and colorful site for drawing lovers.
10. Cracked
Post funny articles on history, internet tech, and TV & movies.
11. Awkward Family Photos
Shares awkward family photos.
12. Bored Panda
Provides interesting and visually appealing content.
13. Exitmundi
A collection of end of world scenarios.
14. Creepy Pasta
A horror fiction stories website.
15. Damn You Autocorrect
Share the funny texts between folks all due to autocorrect.
16. Reddit
People post content related to specific communities called subreddit. You can find a community for almost any topic you could imagine. Once you start using it, it will be difficult to leave.
17. 9GAG
A visual version of Reddit.


18. Brain Pickings
Popular blog run by MIT fellow share mind-numbing content.
19. TED
Powerful organization spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.
20. Vsauce
Youtube channel make interesting video focus on educational content.
21. Laughing Squid
The site has all posts about art, culture, and technology.
22. Duo Lingo
Most popular language learning website.
23. Lizard Point
Learn with quizzes.
24. Wolfram Alpha
Browse information on the internet in a new way.
25. Code Academy
Learn to code.
26. OnReadz
Download shared e-books for free.
27. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Every day a new image with an explanation of the universe.
28. Hubski
Forum where users share good ideas and conversation.
29. Sleepytime
Find out when to get up for good night sleep.
30. What Should I Read Next?
Suggest books based on your interest.


31. PlayBack
Find the song of the day you were born.
32. Rave DJ
Enter any two songs from either Youtube or Spotify, and this site will create incredible mashups of songs. You will love it.
33. Chrome Music Lab
Create music even if you don’t know how to make it.
34. Music Theory
Learn music language
35. Radio Garden
It is a global interface that links to all types of internet radio stations.
36. Incredibox
Your own music is just a few clicks away with Incredibox.
37. Songza
Stream music for free.
38. Partly Cloud
Mix DJ Music online for free.
39. Radiooooo
Discover the music culture of different places throughout the decades.


40. Qwiki
Create brief beautiful movies in just one tap.
41. Sandspiel
Quite difficult to explain but you can easily spend few hours on it.
42. This is sand
Show your creativity with sand.
43. Weave Silk
Draw symmetrical images with a mouse.


44. Cookie Clicker
Delicious Computer’s bakery.
45. Little Alchemy
Find out all 580 elements using the based four elements.
46. GamesAboutSquare
Just move the squares. Simple but quite challenging.
47. Habitica
Improve your habits by playing a game.
48. Foddy
A simple game about running extremely fast.
49. Poptropica
An interactive online game.
50. TagPro
Play multi-player games online.
51. Flash By Night
A collection of many games.


52. I Waste So Much Time
Share funny and inspiring images from all over the internet.
53. SaltyBet
Not wholly useless website. Here you can bet fake money on bots fighting with each other.
54. Shut Up and Take My Money
Plenty of crazy things to buy.
55. Name Combiner
Mix names to create unique
56. Find the Invisible Cow
Move your cursor to find the cow.
57. The Useless Web
Generates the most useless websites which exit.
58. Staggering Beauty
Move your mouse to make the worm dance.
59. Shady Url
Make URL likes viruses.
60. Bees Bees Bees
This site reveals Oprah’s secret plans.


61. Da Font
The website has so many fonts.
62. Mix
This kind of personalised internet.
63. Wall Base
A wallpaper search engine.
64. Mint
Track Your expenses.
65. Retail Me Not
Coupons, Cashback, and Deals.
66. Taste Kid
Explore your preference deeper.
67. Addictive Tips
Tech tips to make you smarter.
68. Instructables
How to make everything.
69. Snopes
Fact checking website.

I hope you have liked the websites. Let us know in the comment section about your experience and which one you want the most out of these websites.

Also, do mention some other creepy or weird website, if you came to remember while reading the article.