10 Best Free anime sites – Watch anime free online

free anime sites

Here are the Best free anime websites which will let you watch anime online without spending a single penny. These anime sites do not require any registration. You will find almost every popular anime series and that too in good quality.

Same services are provided by some of the giant companies in the market. If you don’t want to buy these series or rent it, then we have also included some paid sites.

If some of the websites don’t work in your region, then you can install a VPN on your device and watch anime. Here is the list of sites.


Some of the websites might not work in your country. Use the VPN to remove any restriction.

Best free anime sites – Watch free anime online



This is one of the best websites to watch free anime online. It supports multiple servers for video streaming. I especially like RapidVideo server. It provides streaming your videos in different formats (320p, 480p, 720p). In case this server not working then you still have four more servers as an alternative.

Visit 9anime.is



It is also a great app to stream anime shows online for free. There are thousands of shows in dubbed languages too. There are episodes of old Cartoon Network shows too that I think you might enjoy as well. I don’t have to explain anymore, visit the website and you will love it.




They have a different section for the other kind of videos. You will get a whole list of new shows every day. You can watch cartoons, dubbed animations or can also read Manga.

Visit kiss-anime.me



The website offers anime shows which are updated regularly. It also allows you to watch your favorite anime movie. It has a separate section for each of the shows and movies. You can also demand the movie or show from a different section in case you need something extra.

Visit chia-anime.tv



Are you still looking for another website? This one is also one of the gems in anime websites. This website has a clean and simple interface which you will gonna love. It provides more than seven other servers to watch your favorite anime. You can also select your quality depending upon the server from which you are streaming.

Visit gogoanime.se

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Best Paid anime sites – Watch anime online

1.Netflix ($7.99/month)

free anime sites

Netflix currently offers more streaming of more than 66 anime shows in outstanding quality. Netflix supports HD quality to all users and Ultra HD quality for premium users only. It doesn’t have many shows, but there are high chances that this list might get updated in the future. Apart from shows, Netflix offers a lot of animated movies to be streamed online. You will get your Netflix’s first-month subscription free.

Visit Netflix

2.Hulu ($7.99/month)


Just like Netflix, this is another excellent platform to watch the anime online. Hulu is currently available in the USA only, but you can subscribe to its service using these great VPN service providers. Apart from anime it also streams movies, seasons and live streaming. You will also get a one-month free subscription and later charged at monthly prices.

Visit Hulu

3.Amazon Prime Videos ($12.99/month)


Amazon prime videos currently offer more than 100 anime shows to be streamed online for $12.99/month. Anime list contains many popular series like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Along with the anime, Amazon prime video services offer movies, shows, and special services at its store at the same price. You can also download the videos if you want to watch them offline.

Visit Amazon Prime Video

4.Crunchyroll ($6.95/month)


This website has hundreds of games which you can stream online. You will also be able to watch Manga series which can be found as a separate section here. The premium subscription is available at $6.96/month, and free subscription is also available for 14 days. The list is updated regularly with new series. The application is available for many devices like iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Visit Crunchyroll

5.Funimation ($5.99/month)


This is also a great option if you are looking for another option to stream anime online. You can watch a lot of shows by paying a nominal fee monthly. Although you only get to watch anime shows which you can also watch on Netflix/Hulu at the same price. Still, the list gets updated on the website with latest shows. Visit the site from the link below.

Visit Funimation

That’s all for the list of free anime sites. If you have any queries, then let us know through the comments section below. We will love to hear from you.



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