How to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger on Android and iOS

enable dark mode in messenger cover

Facebook Messenger is a free text and video chat app for your smartphone device. You might have been promoted many times, to use the app, by Facebook app itself.

Messenger can also read your text message and combine them into this app for easy management. Of course, this can only be achieved if permissions are given by you.

Dark mode is in trend now and everybody wants it in their devices. Dark mode is great for reading purpose and especially at night. It relieves your eyes by minimizing the amount of light emitted from your device.

Currently, there is no official announcement of dark mode feature for Messenger app, but you can enable the Dark mode in your device using the below trick.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode in Messenger

Install the Facebook Messenger and open your profile from the top left icon. Now follow the below steps:

1. Initially, you can see that there is no option to enable dark mode just below your profile picture.

enable dark mode messanger_

2. Open previous chat of any person or start a new chat and send a moon emoji as shown below.

enable dark mode chat


3. Now press and hold the moon emoji until the action menu appears.

enable dark mode in messenger

4. Now press the home key and close the messenger application completely. After that reopen the application and press the profile icon in the top left corner.


enable dark mode4_5. Now the Dark Mode option should be available below the profile image. Enable that option and dark mode will become active.

enable dark mode in messenger android ios

6. You can now visit your different chats and can see that dark mode is enabled for every chat. Enjoy.

enable dark mode in facebook messenger

The same procedure can be followed to enable dark mode in iOS devices. If you have any queries then do let us know from the comments section below.