Force ad replication between two domain controllers (Active Directory)

force ad replication

Follow the step by step guide to force ad replication between domain controllers in active directory.


When a change occurs on a source domain controller, partners notified the difference by default; this interval is 15 seconds on Microsoft Windows.

Additional direct replication partners are then reported at the time of 3 seconds. Both the 15 seconds and 3 seconds notification intervals are configurable.

However, if you reduce the range to tiny increments such as one-second network traffic increases and performance deteriorates. If you increase the interval to a large interval such as one hour, you increase latency and the likelihood of replication conflicts.


  • Replication occurs in response to a change to an active directory object.
  • The change notification process triggers replication. You can configure notification intervals.
  • Security sensitive changes trigger urgent replication.
  • You increase latency increases the chance of replication conflicts.

All changes will reflect automatically in all domain controllers. But there is a time when you want it to update on all other domain controllers immediately.

Maybe you have made significant changes and want them to update on every controller.

Force ad Replication between domain controllers

You can use these two methods to do force replication in the domain controller.

1. Using the command-line tool

The command used is repadmin. Repadmin does several things. It displays the replication metadata, initiates a replication event, displays a replication status

Read more about this command. You need to install the Windows Support tools to use the command line tools to force replicate everything.

Use the command   repadmin /syncall /AdeP


2. Using user interface

Follow the steps to the end

  1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services.
  2. Expand Sites and then expand the site name. It is your site name or if not given previously, then default site name. Site name contains the server that you want to force replication.
  3. Further, expand the server name and finally click on NTDS Settings.
  4. Simply Right-click on the server you want to replicate with the other servers in the site and choose to Replicate Now, done.

Active Directory and Group Policy will be updated/replicated immediately to all of the other domain controllers. Just for confirmation, you can check out in other domain controllers.

That’s all for force ad replication. Feel free to comment down below in the comment section if you doubt any of the steps/methods we will be happy to help you.