Best websites to download mp3 songs in high quality for free

donwload high quality mp3 songs free 320kbps

You can use cloud platform to listen songs on the go but what if there is no internet connectivity in any situation. Like you are travelling, you are in some remote area or you just prefer offline songs more. You get the picture right?

If in any case you want to downaload hight quality mp3 songs for free then you are on the right track. We know its illegal, but few of the websites offer songs for free in low quality and you can download high quality version by paying a very little price.

You dont have to create any account or provide personal information for these websites. All of them are less buggy and provides high quality songs with direct download links. I have sorted them according to the ease at which you can download the songs and the database of website for different songs.

One more thing that I have taken into consideration is that they don’t have songs that are converted from Youtube. So, there is no backgroud sounds or noise which are there in the official videos present on youtube. Some of the websites provide different formats and single zip download too.

List of websites to download mp3 songs in high quality

1. chiasenhac

Chiasenhac is a Vietnamese site, but content provided by it is not bound to any region. You can search for your desired song in the search bar.

This website also provides songs in lossless  FLAC format. Other formats like 320kbps and 192kbps are also available. The only thing is the download button is sometimes difficult to find for new users, but I have attached screens below on where to find it.

Visit chiasenhac

2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp doesn’t provide high-quality songs for free. The reason it has been ranked this high in our list is that you can find almost every song on this website. Songs are in unaltered quality, which can not be found anywhere else. If you are too choosy about your songs and want original songs then this is the best website for you.

You can directly purchase the song from the website in high quality. It’s more like a platform for artists where they can earn money. But it does the job for us and it is a truly amazing website.

Visit Bandcamp

3. mp3clan

This website provides an option to save the song on your Dropbox directly. It also offers features to cut/trim your audio song.

The file can also be downloaded directly through the download button provided right next to the add dropbox button.

Visit mp3clan

4. Slider

Slider just have a search bar, that’s it. You search the song and can directly download it or you can listen online if you want. Service is pretty simple and flawless.

Visit Slider

5. musicpleer

This website has a clean and straightforward interface. Just search your song, and a long list of songs will appear. Few of them can also be remixed, but the original one can be found on top of the catalog or looking at the title of the song.

You can also listen to songs online and can also be downloaded using any download manager or by the browser using save as an option.

Visit musicpleer

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6. Songslover

This is also one of the best mp3 download websites for hollywood songs. Its interface is a little bit confusing when you are searching a song as images appear to be quite large but provide a whole lot of other features.

It provides one-click complete album download feature in 320kbps and 192kbps formats. Along with that, you can also download single songs of the album in high quality with one click.

Visit songslover

7. Kingdom Leaks

Kingdom leaks provides leaks to the songs uploaded by the users around the world. You can find approximately every song in it. Songs are as usual are of really high quality and some of them can be downloaded in FLAC format too.

Songs might be sometimes not available due to the copyright claims but you can try your luck. Explore the latest and  popular songs by any specific region or worldwide.

Visit Kingdom Leaks

8. Myzuka

Myzuka have no fancy website or graphics, just the thing which you have visited the website, songs. Just search the song and download it right away.

File size info is also provided and all songs can be downloaded at 320kbps quality. Few songs can be found which are uploaded by converting Youtube videos to mp3, but it wouldn’t be fair if this website is not included in the list because of that.

Visit Myzuka

9. mp3direct

This website is very similar to in the interface. I have mentioned here this website in case is down, and you are just in the case used to that simple interface. All other features are similar to that.

Visit mp3direct

That’s all for our top mp3 download websites. I have not included here websites which convert the song from Youtube and then give you that song to download.

If you have better suggestions or find any issues with the links, then let us know through the comment section below.