What is Trojan – Is it a Virus?


Trojan is a piece of code which can mislead you to reveal its true identity. They can be very harmful and tricky and you require a really great antivirus to detect it.

What is a trojan?

A Trojan is a self-contained, malicious program – that is, it’s a bit of software code that does something bad to your computer. It doesn’t replicate (as a worm would), nor does it infect other files (as a virus would). However, Trojans are often grouped together with viruses and worms, because they can have the same kind of harmful effects.

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You must have heard the story of the trojan horse in which Greeks used a subterfuge to enter the city of Troy and then win the war. This is why trojan name is given to it. It tries to enter into your system by any backdoor. You won’t be able to recognize whether its a harmful content or not unless you are using a really good antivirus program.

Trojans are generally used to control your systems from a hacker to control your system. Unlike viruses, they won’t try to execute themselves on the execution of file or another event. They are just means of giving access to your system to the hacker.

Many of the earlier Trojans were used to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, such as those suffered by Yahoo and eBay in the latter part of 1999. Today, Trojans are most often used to gain backdoor access – remote, surreptitious access – to the computer.

Different Types

There are several different types of Trojans, including remote-access Trojans (RAT), backdoor Trojans (backdoors), IRC Trojans (IRC bots), and keyloggers. Many of these different characteristics can be employed in a single Trojan. For example, a keylogger that also operates as a backdoor may commonly be disguised as a game hack. IRC Trojans are often combined with backdoors and RATs to create collections of infected computers known as botnets.

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