21 Best websites to watch TV shows online for free in 2020

best websites to watch tv shows online free streaming

Bookmark this page to watch TV shows online for free. You don’t have to ever worry about searching for sites to stream TV shows online.

I have tested and used all of these sites, and they are fantastic.

Find any video, TV series on the Internet that had been ever broadcasted before on TV. Although it sometimes becomes challenging to find your favorite TV show or movie on the Internet.


Sometimes you get tricked into creating an account or complete a survey to stream shows online.


I have done my research and here present to you websites that will allow you to stream TV shows online for free.

file_icon1. I will recommend using a VPN to access sites that are not accessible in your region.

2. Few of these websites contain lots of ads, which can be very frustrating. So, I will recommend you to use an Adblocker.

Why use a VPN
Use a VPN if you get any of these error messages.

Serial No.


Content Quality




Popular for movies too



More than ten servers for videos



Simplest, fast and reliable



Most popular


Full HD, HD

Server change from inside player



System-wide dark mode



HD content by all servers



Popular on internet



Servers mentioning video quality


Full HD, HD

Best for mobile



Supports dark mode



Shows rating & description too


Full HD, HD

Best for web series


Full HD, HD

High-quality content by Sony



Multiple servers



Shows TV shows of the current week



Supports dark mode



Works on searching



Needs Account


Full HD, HD

Legal. Has a dedicated mobile app.


Full HD, HD

Legal. Has a dedicated mobile app.





Full HD, HD




For UK users

Best websites to watch TV shows online – Free streaming


yesmovies - Watch free TV shows online

Yesmovies is a viral website for streaming movies online for free. It is also perfect for streaming TV shows. It’s just like the Fmovies website, which we have included in the same list.

Few of the famous shows include

  • The Punisher
  • Stargirl
  • Game of Thrones

Yesmovies supports multiple servers as well as various formats to stream shows on different devices. You can watch shows on your smartphones too.

Updated latest shows and movies are available on the website. Do check it out if you haven’t found what you were searching for, and you will love it.

Visit YesMovies


primewire.li stream tv series free

Primewire has an enormous catalog of TV series. One of the best things about this site is that it also includes the shows from the 80s and 90s. Some of them include

  • The Punisher
  • Beauty and the Beast (including 1987 series)
  • Millennium

Primewire has multiple servers for each of the videos on their website. It is an excellent website but avoids using sponsored links. They won’t help you stream anything.

Primewire sponsored link

The website streams 720p HD content. You can also lower the quality up to 240p for data saving or if viewing in low-resolution devices. The website player is present right below the server from which you are streaming the shows.

You can also download the video if you want by clicking the download button below the player. Not all player supports that but most of them do.

Visit Primewire

3. SOAPGATE (Simplest to use)

soapgate coke and popcorn alternative

Soapgate is simple and is suitable for people who don’t want to get involved in too many choices. Here you don’t have to select the server or quality of the series.

Minimal ads and have a huge catalog of shows that you can stream without downloading. Because of its simplicity and availability, I have included it at the top of this list. You can watch

  • The Witcher
  • Star Girl
  • Game of Thrones

Just select your favorite show and start playing. It’s as simple as that. You can use the search bar for your desired show and episodes streaming.

The website takes you to the main page, where you can navigate to their four alternate websites. Select the one which fits you the most.

Visit SoapGate



Fmovies is also one of my favorite spots to watch TV shows online. This website is updated regularly and has a vast database of TV shows. It offers four different servers to buffer the video.

You can stream

  • Tarzan
  • Van Helsing
  • Dark

Quality of shows is mentioned on top right corners so that you don’t have to check the quality by actually playing the video. It also shows ads for monetization, but I tell you how you can skip them easily.

You won’t be able to stream through the website if you are not using a VPN. I will strongly recommend using one.

Visit Fmovies


movie4u - free streaming

Movies4u has the latest TV shows to stream online. The website is entirely free and serves Full HD content based on the server and TV show you are watching.

Multiple servers are available to watch your show, and servers can be changed with one click. Server options are present right inside the player and are not much of a mess.

A download option is also present to download the currently streaming show, but we find it be misleading. You can use download managers like IDM or XDM to download the streaming TV shows.

Visit Movies4u

6. CMoviesHD

cmoviesHD popcorn and coke

I recently came to know about this website and thought of including it on our list too. The website name includes movies, but it also has excellent content of TV series.

  • Graveyard Carz
  • Stargirl
  • Yellowstone

It has a wide variety of shows on the plate. Cmovies offers all the previous seasons of TV shows along with the new one in high quality. It provides you to watch them from different servers in case one of them gets down.

Just search your desired show and click on the title to navigate to it. Select the episode from the right menu and click on the play button

Visit CMovies


Europixhd is one of the great websites mentioned by our reader, and we have decided to include it in our list. The site offers multiple servers to stream the TV shows online.

The website serves HD content on all the servers. One of the servers also offers subtitles depending upon the show you are watching.

The best part is the website is in dark mode. You will love the interface if you are a fan of a dark style and won’t hurt your eyes.

Visit EuropixHD 



Putlocker is one of the best streaming websites. You can watch pretty much any TV show and movie you want without pop-ups or registering. They do show ads for monetization, but they are bearable.

Few of the famous shows include

  • Dark
  • The Sentinel
  • 13 Reasons why

Because of an extensive database, you will almost find every TV show and movie on this website. It also offers HD content, depending upon the availability.

You can also browse based on the genre, country, TV series, IMDb, A-Z list, and news. Visit the website using the below link. If it’s not accessible in your country, you can use a free VPN to watch shows limitlessly.

Visit Putlocker


LosMovies offers multiple servers to stream your show. The best and unique about the servers is that they also give information about the quality of the video they are going to watch. So you can select your server according to your device and bandwidth.

Some of the servers also support subtitles. The list of shows visible right next to the logo of the website is sometimes misleading. You can just search for your TV show rather than clicking on that.

Do check the name of the show you are about to stream on top of the player. It sometimes switches to some other TV show. I think that’s a bug, which might be corrected later.

Visit LosMovies


LookMovie is one of the reliable websites which shows new and latest TV shows for free. You can stream TV shows in Full HD also.

It also supports the lower quality of the video, which you can change from the player. TV shows streamable on the website don’t have multiple options, but they work pretty great.

Visit LookMovie


MovieGaga is a dark mode website with a simple and attractive interface. The site supports HD shows for free depending upon the server, and the TV shows you are streaming.

Just like other servers, you can change the quality according to your needs and device. The server quantity is limited, but they are quite promising.

Visit MovieGaga


Cinebloom shows ratings and a short description of the TV show which you want to watch. It also supports multiple servers, just like the other website on the list.

Easy to access the episode from multiple servers along with the subtitles. Cinebloom supports HD format, too, along with the low quality. You can change the video quality from the settings of the player.

Visit Cinebloom


Watchseries is one of my favorite spots to watch tv shows online. Website Offers TV shows completely free of cost. It has multiple server options inside the player to stream the show.

The website also allows you to switch between dark mode and light mode on the website level. They have a dedicated server to stream TV shows in FHD (1080p).

Visit WatchSeries 


Sony Crackle allows you to watch free TV shows and movies without any spam and pop-ups. But instead that it shows you ads of 2 min after each 15-20 min.

With one of its features, you can quickly resume your video at the point where you have left off (for registered users).

All the content if of original quality, and it’s completely legal to watch it here. Just search for the TV show you want to watch and enjoy.

If you can’t think of what you want to watch, you can browse TV shows based on the genre, what’s coming soon, clips, and full episode.

It’s not my personal favorite choice as I have to watch complete 2 min ads, which are annoying. But it’s still your option if you didn’t find anything else you can try this website.

Visit Sony Crackle


Movies joy also includes the latest TV shows on its website. One of the things which are different in this website is the quality of TV shows. You can not change the video quality from the player.

The website is in the dark mode in default and has a pretty clean interface. Just select your favorite show, and you can directly start streaming for free. This website also offers movie services that you might have understood by the name of the site.

Visit MoviesJoy


Shush’s home page shows all the shows according to the seven days. You can select your show from the dates on the site if you are looking for the latest ones.

Servers of the website can some times take a little longer to buffer the video. You can try to switch between different mirrors. You can stream HD episodes also according to the availability.

Visit Shush


5Movies is a fast and reliable website to stream TV shows for free. But we found it too much time consuming before you can watch your video. Because of this, we have kept it at the bottom of our list.

You can search and find your favorite show quite easily. But most of the time website’s servers were not responding based on the tests we have performed.

The website supports up to HD content also. If streaming on low-resolution devices, you can use lower resolution depending on the video you are streaming. You can still give it a try. It’s entirely in dark mode.

Visit 5Movies


This website is very different and unique. It still offers TV shows as per your needs but has a different user experience than the traditional one.

You have to search your video and select the one from different results. Just select the video, and the player plays your video. You might be a little bit confused between videos of search results.

Visit Ololo

19. ZMOVIES (Registration needed)

Zmovies is another credible online source to stream TV shows without any crap. But the catch is, in the end, you have to register an account.

Although you have to register for an account to watch the movie, it’s not a scam like other online streaming platforms – you get to watch the TV show.

To watch a show with Zmovies, you need to search for the show you want to watch at the top, from here, click on Watch in HD and then create a free account to gain access. You have to create an account on the newly redirected website.

Visit Zmovies

Legal websites to watch TV shows online

20. CWTV

You can stream some of the TV shows of CW Networks on this website. It has a few of the famous shows in outstanding quality.

The content gets removed automatically. It’s not sure whether some content will still be available on this website after a few months or not.

CWTV is a legal website to watch TV shows online. So, you don’t have to worry about promoting piracy or any legal issues.

Visit CWTV


CW Seed is also a legal website from which you can watch movies for free. It is just like CW TV, but it does not have any content from CW on it.

It has some of the famous cartoon series avaialble for free. You are going to enjoy it if you are a DC comic fan.

Visit Cwseed


Tubi TV is another excellent website to watch TV online. It operates through licensing deals meaning that TV shows are legal.

To watch a TV show, search for the title and click on the thumbnail to see the show. There’s no need to create an account or to download the show just to watch it.

Because of its legality, it means that you can browse through a lot of shows without thinking there’s nothing else to watch.

Although the shows are free of cost and with very few ads, the number of TV shows is limited. But still, it provides shows in different qualities and that too for completely free.

Visit Tubi TV


Yeah, that’s right. YouTube is a great platform to find TV shows and movies. No one talks about it, but we know there are lots of movies and shows uploaded every day on YouTube.

All you have to do is to search for the series you’re looking for, and it should provide a TV show within the first few results.

However, you should find most videos that you’re looking for on YouTube. Some of the shows or movies are also available on purchase. You can also rent a TV show or video if you do not want to purchase it.

Visit Youtube


TVplayer provides you with a range of channels in the UK, and you can watch the TV channels live, or you can watch them on demand.

You have to create a TVplayer account. After that, just select a station, and it’ll start playing. You can even watch live channels, but for that, you have to subscribe for premium.

You can have access to channels such as BBC 1, ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, Five, and Entertainment, and that’s great for UK users.

If you don’t live in the UK, you won’t have access to these channels. You can still use a VPN and spoof your location to access the website.

Visit TV Player

I hope you would have found whatever show you are looking for from one of the above websites.

If you haven’t found it yet, post the show name in the comments below, and we will send you the link to watch it online for free. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know through the comments section below.