App spotlight : Word Search – A multilingual word search printable app

word search printable

word searchApp spotlight: Word search is a great app for multilingual word search printable. The app is really simple to use and has a variety of features which you will definitely love to use. It can be used on your smartphone as well as personal computers.

multicolor1. Easy to use with multicolor support

The app supports easy to use interface with an 11×15 matrix of the word(may differ according to devices). You have to select words in forward, backward, upwards, downwards and diagonally. Each word you select on the application will be selected with the different colors. There are multiple colors which are great to look at while playing the game.

2. Supports Multiple Languages
multilanguage word search

This app supports word search for up to 8 languages at present. Languages included are English, Francais, Deutch, Italiano, Espanol, Portugues, Nederlands, Polski. While the development for other languages is still in progress and maybe out soon. The number of words you have to choose to complete the game in any language is around 30-40 words depending upon the puzzle.

3. Supports themes

The application currently supports two basic themes – light and dark. The light theme has black words on top of the white background while light theme has white words on top of black background. Black theme is developed by focusing more on playing the game at night so as to avoid strains on eyes.

4. DIfferent fonts support

App also supports three different font styles for better visibility. Tapping on the Settings icon and then on the button named “A” will change the fonts style. Although different fonts apart from the predefined are not supported by the application.

5. All that fun for Free

Supports unlimited puzzles for you to play without any restrictions. You won’t have to pay a single penny for puzzles. Although the game supports ads, that won’t affect your gaming experience. Ads are not annoying and cover just the top corner space. You can anytime remove ads by paying a nominal for the complete version of the app.

The web app supports printable Word search

The web application of the word search game also supports printable formats. If you don’t have your devices near you or you wanted to go old school style, then you can print that puzzle on paper too.

Download for iPhone Download for Android Click for Web App

That’s all for the word search application which supports multilanguage and printable puzzles too. If you have any queries then let us know through the comments section below.